Spearfishing Course

Two Day Weekend Spearfishing Course

The “Spearfishing Workshop

Our spearfishing experts, Simon Trippe and Andrew Harvey share a wealth of knowledge and practical experience. This workshop concentrates on equipping students with the basic elements of breath hold spearfishing

In Frog Dive’s two day Spearfishing Course you’ll learn about the basic elements of  breath hold spearfishing,  the development of the sport,  types of spearfishing – Rock hopping and white water spearfishing; boat diving, sand line/weed edge hunting, boulder and cave diving, open (blue) water fishing and competition spearfishing.

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Spearfishing Course - Frog Dive Sydney






To enrol in the workshop applicants must be…

  • 18 years and over (or 13+ with a written letter of approval from parents)
  • able to swim and sustain themselves in the water (with and without fins)
  • healthy


Spearfishing Workshop – Course Outline

  • Breathing techniques – Breathing, Hyper, and proper ventilations
  • Breathing as a preparation for a dive or static breathhold
  • 10 basic safety rules of freediving
  • Effects of the water environment on the diver – depth, pressure, altered sense perception
  • Physiology of freediving – Air spaces, Breathing, cardio vascular/respiratory system
  • Equalizing techniques – Valsalva (mentioning of Frenzel)
  • Technique – duck dive, leg work, formations and hands use
  • Improving breathhold
  • Basics of freediving emergencies (emphasis on SWB and samba) and the proper response
  • Equipment for spear fishing
  • How to use equipment for spearfishing
  • Fish identification
  • Hunting techniques for different fish species
  • Protected species identification
  • Sharks – the myths unravelled
  • Outline of the history of spearfishing in Australia
  • Diving efficiently with a spear-gun
  • Catch Dinner!



At the end of the course the student will become familiar with the following skills:

Theory and knowledge of spearfishing; safety rules and procedures of rescuing; dive and training plans; diving and equalising techniques, solving expected/unexpected problems, avoiding risk of injuries.

What you will need

  • Mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit
  • gun, line and float can be hired at $50



Course Dates 2020

  • 1st/2nd February



COST – $550 per person





Your instructors, Simon and Andrew, are extremely experienced spearfishermen, and have undergone rigorous instructor training to provide you with an informative and exciting program. Each instructor has very different personal characteristics with Andrew ” jaws” Harvey possessing an enormous set of teeth, and Simon “trippa” Trippe refusing to colour an ever increasing amount of grey hair. They are very likeable fellas, and conduct a truly professional course that will increase your confidence and competence in the water.


  • Hospitality industry – Business “Hospitality Prepared” training and consulting to the hospitality industry
  • Spearfishing for over 30 years (8 trips to the Coral Sea)
  • Enjoys freediving
  • Regular columnist for “Spearfishing downunder” magazine
  • Numerous industry appointments including
  • Secretary of the USFA
  • President Sans Souci Dolphins Spearfishing club (5yrs)
  • Spearfishing representative – DPI’s Code of Practise for Fishing competitions
  • USFA Marine parks liaison officer



  • Horticulture and landscaper – Owner of “Stony Creek Landscapes” 5 Years
  • Spearfishing for 18 years
  • Started at Stradbroke Island QLD
  • 15 Years diving in NSW
  • 10+ trips to the Coral Sea
  • Member of Mosman Whalers spearfishing club for 8 years and North shore for 3 prior
  • Zone delegate for Mosman Whalers for 6 years
  • Top five and Sydney Competition Diving (Allimen Shield)over the last 3 years


Spearfishing Workshop – Program 

  • 2 – 4 theory sessions (2 – 4hours a day)
  • 2 open water dives
  • 1 static breathhold session (wet)
  • Max students per instructor: Theory (8), Practical (4)

Day 1


  • Introduction
  • Safety
  • Physiology
  • Breathing


  • Pool Session
  • Static Breathhold


  • Spearfishing Equipment
  • Fish and Threatened species ID
  • History of the sport in Australia
  • Hunting Skills


  • Pool Session
  • Vertical Equalisation

Day 2 Guideline


  • Meet at the Dive Venue
  • Review Day 1
  • Discuss Dive Plan for first Practical Session


  • Dive the line – working on equalisation, duck dive, streamlining, improving depth, finning technique
  • Safety – emergency responses


  • Discuss Dive Plan for second Practical Session


  • Diving with a speargun
  • Hunting techniques on selected fish
  • Catch Dinner


  • Discuss the events over the two days
  • Draw up a breath hold training programme for the individual



Comments from a student

I have just completed the spearfishing course with Trippa and Andrew and what can I say accept that it was the best course I have ever completed in the water. The knowledge that is shared on breath hold technique , spearfishing , equipment and in every aspect of the sport is beyond belief. On completion of the course you are provided with a breath hold training programme and email addresses for both instructors whom want you contact them with any questions you may have about increasing your skills in the water. If anyone is serious about becoming a competant spearo do the course . Great blokes whom had all the time in the world for you and wanted you to share the same obsession that they have.

Thanks again and see you soon for the advanced spearfishing workshop.

Travis Bristow.

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