Coral Sea Spearfishing Trip

If you have ever wanted to spear fish in crystal clear warm water and experience the thrill of seeing big pelagic species, then you should consider joining Luke Downie and his crew on board the Eastern Voyager for an extended Coral Sea Spearfishing tour.

Leave from Gladstone

Regardless of where you live, we all meet in Gladstone the day prior to departure. We do this to ensure the safe arrival of all our Spearfishing gear, and to get to know your fellow travelers. We board the Eastern Voyager or the Tura on the morning of our departure and then leave Gladstone marina for an overnight steam out to the reefs.


The weather always determines where we go, we cannot give an accurate trip location beforehand due to whatever the conditions may be. Generally we intend to visit any of the Coral Sea reefs such as Frederick reef, Cato reef, Wreck reef, Kenn reef, Marion reef, Diamond reef and Bird Island, but the weather will determine the exact location when we depart. If the weather is unfavorable, we begin our journey in the protection of the Swains reef, where all the favorite species such as coral trout, black spot tuskies, Spanish mackerel, red throat emperor, red emperor , and many other species can be taken. We strictly adhere to all Queensland fisheries regulations regarding closed areas and size and bag limits on all species.

Recently we have had a win with the spawning closures over the months of October, November, December and January where all charter operators out of Gladstone are now exempt from these closures until 2013. That means that if poor weather affects out rips, we can retreat to the protection of the Swains reef, and continue to take fish even during a spawning closure.

Charter boat – Eastern Voyager

We charter the Eastern Voyager, owned by Chris and Ellen Pike, for our spearfishing charters. This vessel was revamped in 2008, and is now the premier spear fishing charter vessel in Australia. She is big, stable, comfortable and is equipped with 5 big dories which are also fitted with vhf radios and sounders. The food is good, the rooms comfy, and the ride on the ocean is better than average. Danny is the skipper, and has spent more time in the Coral Sea than any other skipper. Safety is paramount, and so is satisfaction of the customers onboard.

We provide guides as part of the service and will be shown and taught the best ways to handle the conditions and fish species while onboard. We target all those fish you dream about such as wahoo, dogtooth tuna, sailfish, marlin, yellowfin tuna, amberjack, giant trevally, and the favorite table species also.


High expectations can ruin a trip, remembering elements such as weather, poor current, and even gear failure can all affect any trip. The experience is certainly memorable, and at times even hard going especially when you may spend up to 6 hours in the water each day. Many participants take time out to line fish and relax is a holiday after all. And yet some of the boys never miss a session.

All your equipment is maintained by Luke every night, as he believes there is no excuse for substandard gear. He does this free of charge and replaces items such as shooting line, rubbers, bridles and even patches and repairs floats and wetsuits. The beer is free for every trip also.

At the end of the tour the fish are transported frozen back to Sydney and arrangements can be made for other delivery locations. You are responsible for all your own gear and a list can be emailed to you from us so that you know what to expect. We run only 1 trip a year, but we do it very well.

If this Coral Sea trip sounds attractive to you and you want more information, drop Luke an email at or alternatively you can call him in Sydney on 02 9892 3422.

2013 CORAL SEA TRIPS –  October 25th or November 9th – 10 days