Spearfishing Testimonials

August 2012

“I was extremely lucky to discover Frog Dive and deal with Luke. I must say I have zero experience and even less knowledge about spearfishing. I wanted to arrange a ‘spearfishing birthday surprise’ for my partner and I sent an email to Luke asking for advice. One hour after my initial email, Luke had managed to organise full spearfishing equipment + course within my budget. I don’t think I can express well enough how fantastic Luke is – he adds a personal touch, love for spearfishing, excitement, professionalism, extensive experience and great personality to his job. One day later, I already have everything delivered to my door! Thanks to Luke my partner will receive the best birthday present of his life and has one of his childhood dreams come true!”   


Videlina Georgieva
Business Development Associate – Commercial


March 2012

I have just completed the spearo course with Trippa and Andrew and what can I   say accept that it was the best course I have ever completed in the water.   The knowledge that is shared on breath hold technique , spearfishing ,   equipment and in every aspect of the sport is beyond belief. On completion of   the course you are provided with a breath hold training programme and email   addresses for both instructors whom want you contact them with any questions   you may have about increasing your skills in the water. If anyone is serious   about becoming a competant spearo do the course . Great blokes whom had all   the time in the world for you and wanted you to share the same obsession that   they have.Thanks again and see you soon for the advanced spearo workshop.
Travis Bristow.

December 5th 2011

Just wanted to thank you for what has been a truly amazing couple of days spent learning
the art of free diving/ spearfishing.

From having little understanding of free diving, to now feeling confident in the water is a great feeling. Best of all, I now know how to do it properly.

It’s a great course you boys run and I hope you’re both very proud as I would highly recommend it to any of my friends.

The only down side is I’m firmly hooked……..I’ve just got to try and explain to the missus when the credit card bill rocks in next month the $700+ bill from Frogdive! lol

Again, thanks so much for all your help and advice along the way,



P.S: Jaws, I watched your YouTube footage from the Coral Sea, man that
Tuna had some head on it!!!


The boys were fantastic (as you would expect). Jawz and tripper have great personalities that really lend them to presentations like this. They made themselves openly available to discussion at any point and did a good job in building a supportive atmosphere, in which you felt you could ask questions and not feel like an idiot. And to have aries there, what a bonus. He was sensational, his knowledge was second to none, and he had great analogies and explanations of how to perform every detail he was describing.

As a team they worked very well together and the presentation was smooth as silk, certainly looked like they had spent plenty of time practising and learning their stuff.

Can’t fault anything any of them did on that front!

The Course

I would say we were a group of very different abilities. The other guys (i aldready forgot their names) were definitely a much lower level of diver than myself and gary and whacka was probably somewhere in the middle.

I think the material was excellent. I certainly learned a lot but I am sure the newbie guys took even more away from it. The good thing was that the line was drawn on physiology etc. and the boys avoided going into too much detail on the biology of freediving, focusing more on techniques and applications of freediving theory.

The spearfishing material was top notch, and very relevant, the species guide and hutning techniques section was especially good.


The Ocean Session:

A lot of fun, vis was pretty good (around 8-10m) and the exercises were good fun, especially flooding the mask at 10m and diving 10m without fins. Although I found the diving to be quite basic on the day, I remember the point being raised that you should train for freediving at about 50% intensity so maybe this was intentional.

Was great to have a spear at the end of the day, especially watching aries dive, he is a fantastic spearo


Thoroughly enjoyed the course, the program is great, i think you are targetting some very good areas, perhaps even more elaboration on spearo ethics would be good, especially for newer divers, but really I can’t fault it. The day flew by, had heaps of fun, it was great seein tripper and jawz again, haven’t seen either since the coral sea, and I certainly took quite alot away from it.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the free dive course.I think that it is a great course for new spero’s and up and coming one’s as well. I got a few good tips about breath holding and and the affects on the body after a dive. I think that we should we should point new diver’s in this direction. I will be attending the next club meeting and giving the course a plug.


The time in the water with trippey was great though. Lots of technique changes and refinery’s means I’ve almost doubled my bottom time. I rate it and a few people have asked me about it as well.


This is an email for Andrew and Simon.My name is Toby Shi. I came on a spear fishing course a few months back as a bucks party organized by my brother Aiden. I really really enjoys the experienced and used all the free diving skills I learnt in the course when I went up to the Great Barrier reef. I was able to get down to the same depths as the divers and really enjoyed the serenity that normal diving does not allow (noise of the bubbles).

I’ve enjoyed the experience so much that when it gets a little warmer, I’m planning to go out again with a friend of mine. Admittedly I’ll only be using a hand spear, but like I said before, the skills I learnt in the one day course were invaluable. I thank both Andrew and Simon for making that day very very memorable.

We also took a picture with them which I promised I’d send through to Simon so that he could use it a promo. I’ve got the pic at home and will send it through once I get home (and more importantly remember). That picture actually is my desktop picture.

Once again, thanks Simon and Andrew.

  • Toby Shi

Hey guys just a quick email on how much I enjoyed the spearfishing course. Before the course I thought I knew a fair bit about spearfishing and its techniques. But the course taught me alot about safety, breathhold, techniques and equipment. The guys build you up slowly to reach the limits your comfortable with , they don’t just throw you in the water. The techniques used here can’t be learnt by just reading about it in forums.  I would recommend this course for all levels of experience. I’m sure anyone that does this course will walk away with new knowledge they can use in and out of the water. I personally doubled the depth I could dive to.

Many thanks to trippa, jaws and Frogdive.

  • Luke D