Super Oceanic Special

We are very fortunate to be associated with the Oceanic brand of equipment. Being an affiliate of the company in America, and not a reseller in the strictest terms, we are able to be price competitive with the brand. Well we have a deal …….in fact the same deal we have run for a year now….but it is now cheaper than ever before.

Click onto this link to see a fantastic package deal for only $1299.00.

That is 30% off the retail price, and the best feature about this package, aside from the value for money, is the fact that at every annual service, your parts are free of charge. What does that mean to you? This set actually saves you money over the years that you own it, as your parts for the annual service [can cost up to $100] will be free of charge. Imagine after 10 years of owning this gear, having serviced it annually, and not having to pay for the replacement of all the parts! And aside from this fact, the gear is your own, it fits properly and is comfortable to wear.

For more information call either store, or order online.

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