Team Dive Sunday

How cold was the temperature yesterday? We are certainly in the middle of winter at the moment. The water temperature has dropped a little as well, and we have been selling lots of thermal wear to make the diving at this time of year more comfortable.

John Warner is currently away on Mike Ball’s Spoilsport and they have pretty good conditions with a little bit of wind. We can’t wait to see the photos and videos of the Minke whales when they return. Once the new website is up [approx 3 weeks] we will have the photos listed for you to check out. On that subject, we still need more of your underwater images……please drop by either store with a memory stick and we will download and use them on the site. Joe, Margaret and Sue……you promised!!!!!

TEAM DIVE – Long Bay

– this Sunday, drysuit trial, shore dive and boat dive with the sharks

Elliott and Duane are running the dive day this Sunday with the help of a couple of new dive masters from Willoughby. The boat is full at 8 and 10am, but there is 3 spots at 12 noon to go and dive with the grey nurse sharks at Magic Point. Please ensure that you are geared up and ready down at the ramp at your scheduled time. We will have a shore dive at 9am, briefed by the dive masters, and they will also assist you on the dive if required. Long Bay is a simple dive, suitable for all levels of experience. And starting at 8am, we have the drysuit trials, with a couple of vacancies. The diving conditions for the day is going to really good with little to no swell and wind. After a dive there is nothing better than hooking in to some hot food, and the boys will there cooking up a storm as usual. Please email if you intend to eat so that he can cater for the group. Donna from Apollo will be running the drysuit dives, and she has organised a special offer for those wishing to purchase. The suit from Apollo sells for $1750 and if you commit to a suit within the next week then you will also receive FREE an undergarment, beanie, mask, bag and a 2 dive Padi drysuit course run by Donna on another day. This offer is strictly limited for purchases made within the next week. You can call either store for more information.


We have been selling loads of the new Olympus underwater camera systems recently. For those of you wanting to buy a camera that is better than the standard cameras systems you may have seen, then the new systems from Olympus should be attractive to you. The resolution is great, plus they now take good quality HD video as well. So now there is a camera that takes photos and video within the same unit. Add that to the fact that some of the models are also waterproof, so a housing flood is not terminal. Check out the great deals by opening the attachments at the top of this email.


– next Thursday Shelly Beach with Bob Hollaway.

Young Bob Hollaway will be running a night dive at Shelly beach next Thursday night. If you are keen to attend then call the Willoughby store on 99585699 and register that interest.


Last weekend saw the boat still run out to dive the wreck of the Adelaide. It was not a pleasant dive on Saturday. For those that did attend, please look at the following dates, and re book yourselves with your respective store, free of charge.

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