Team scuba dive postponed

It is cold outside! This unusual snap in the weather has resulted in the cancellation of this Sunday’s team dive at Bare island, and all the boat dives this weekend. The air temperature is not the issue, or the wind……but the seas are going to be big. This means that it will be unsafe to run a shore dive and the boat dives will be very uncomfortable. On a good note the water is still warm at 22 degrees. We will run the scheduled team dive next Sunday, May 22nd, and will transfer all boat dive bookings to the grey nurse shark dive across. There is only space on the 10.30am dive at this stage. There will be a shore dive as usual, and with better weather we should have a great day.

Last weekend saw the first opportunity for us punters to dive the wreck of the Adelaide. It was terrible. Why? Well the conditions provided the divers with only 2 mtrs visibility on the bottom, and the swell moved the moorings so that if you did not dive to the mooring on the bottom [35mtrs] you did not find the wreck. There has certainly been some teething issues, but what occurred last weekend will see that those problems shall be resolved. There are a couple of things you need to be aware of. You must have a torch and a surface marker buoy, this is not written law, but as responsible divers, just commonsense. The other item of note is that the moorings are in 35mtrs. That is deep for general recreational divers, and if you plan to do a double dive, you should be planning the dives correctly. Grahame and John both dived the wreck last weekend, and their recommendations I have stated, but also consider using nitrox mixes, and ensure that safety stops are done on both dives. When they finally found the wreck, their reports were glowing. We have secured some more dates below, so be quick and book now.


As mentioned above we have postponed the team dive to occur on next Sunday the 22nd May. There will be some cancellations on the boat due to the change of date, so ring today if you wish to experience the grey nurse sharks in 15 mtrs of water. The reports recently have been that there is up to 15 sharks at the site, and as we all know that can change overnight. We will be running a shore dive as usual, at Bare Island and the brief is at 9am. The usual schedule is that the boat runs at 8am, 10.30 and 1pm, and the shore dive is conducted at 9am. Food is served from 10am until 2pm, and is not free. Everyone is hungry after a dive and we put on a great spread with hot food, rolls, salad, drinks and desert. The cost to cover this is only $15 each or if you are a team member, $8. Please ensure that if you intend to eat, you email to let him know you are coming, and pay into the jar on the day. If you are booked to do the 1pm dive please eat prior to diving, as we would have packed up by the time you return. 1 more thing, bring a chair or blanket to sit on! There is a code of conduct regarding diving with the sharks and that has been attached to the top of this email.


Jim Vernon led a motley crew to dive the sensational Jervis bay last weekend. Saturday saw the group dive within the bay on the northern side in and amongst the caves due to the swell [and a nervous skipper]. On Sunday Warren took the helm of the boat and the group went outside to dive the fabulous “arch” in about 39 mtrs. Jibber, jibber jibber is all we have heard from those that did the dive since. We have another weekend booked to dive on the 17th and 18th September where we have a mixture of seal diving and hopefully with the westerly winds, spider and cathederal caves. Book early as this will be popular. On the weekend away front, the June long weekend is full to the brim, and our next trip is scheduled for the beautiful Broughton island at Port Stephens on the weekend of July2/3. The ski weekend is booked for the 12th August and you need to start booking that now with us by paying a $100 deposit at either store.


We thought a little bit of notice would be appreciated for the announcement of our 2011 Dry suit trial day at Long Bay on the 10th July. It is a way off yet, but if you would like to give these suits a go, please register via email your sex, height and weight to either or


As we have mentioned above the water temperature is currently at 22 degrees, which is as warm is it gets in Sydney. It will drop over the coming months to say around 19-20 late July, and then as low as 16 in September, October and November. So if you wish to be more comfortable in the water go to our online store and click on the thermal garments section in the online cart.

BOAT SHOW – July 28th – August 1st

Each year we have a display at the boat show where we operate an actual dive tank with divers inside it. We always need your help with this by volunteering your time to be the scuba diver inside the tank waving to people. If you can spare some time to do this we would appreciate it, and you can email to organise a time slot. Thank you in anticipation……

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