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From $225.00 $329.00

SALE Salvimar Turn 151° Fins

Developed to offer the best product for competitive and recreationa...

31% OFF
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From $45.00 $179.00

SALE Enth Degree Long Pants

  Enth Degree Aveiro Long Pants feature a high waist to protect t...

74% OFF
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From $25.00 $149.00

SALE Enth Degree Glacier Hooded Long Sleeve Top

The Glacier Hooded Long Sleeve Top. Designed for Stand up Paddle ...

83% OFF
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From $50.00 $229.00

SALE Enth Degree Assana LS Bodysuit

      Enth Degree Technical Performance Wear for superior warmth an...

78% OFF
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From $50.00 $209.00

SALE Enth Degree Nekton Ladies Hooded Long Sleeve Thermal Top

The Nekton HLS takes you to extreme environs with the added warmth ...

76% OFF
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From $45.00 $129.00

SALE Enth Degree Bombora Womens Long Sleeve Top

  Lightweight Thermal protection with 4 way freedom of movement, ...

65% OFF
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From $459.00 $499.00

SALE Rob Allen Open Cell 3.5mm Wetsuit

Designed in collaboration with key Spearo’s in Australia and South...

8% OFF
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From $295.00 $599.00

SALE Rob Allen XFlex Camo 3.5mm Wetsuit:

The Rob Allen Digi 3.5mm Green Camo Wetsuit is designed specificall...

50% OFF
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SALE Fourth Element Proteus II 5mm Ladies Steamer

The Fourth Element Proteus II steamer is the next evolution in the ...

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From $550.00 $699.00

SALE Forth Element Xenos 7mm Wetsuit Men

The perfect wetsuit for winter or multiple dives per day. Designe...

21% OFF
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From $395.00 $999.00

SALE BARE 2020 5mm Mens Reactive Wetsuit: limited sizes

THE DARK SIDE OF ULTRAWARMTH Reactive is a breakthrough in intellig...

60% OFF
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From $395.00 $699.00

SALE Scubapro Everflex 7/5mm Wetsuit Ladies

Our advanced, extra-comfortable EverFlex line has been stylishly re...

43% OFF
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Scuba Diving

A wide array of scuba diving gear, including high-performance regulators, buoyancy control devices, wetsuits, and cutting-edge dive computers, is readily available for purchase, ensuring divers have access to top-notch equipment for a safe and enjoyable underwater experience.


Spearfishing enthusiasts can explore a variety of specialised equipment for purchase, such as high-quality spearguns, camouflage wetsuits and snorkels, providing a comprehensive selection to enhance their underwater hunting experience.

Free Diving

For those passionate about freediving, a range of equipment, including freediving fins, low-volume masks, specialised wetsuits, and innovative breath-holding training aids, is readily available for purchase, allowing enthusiasts to elevate their underwater exploration and breath-holding skills.


An extensive selection of snorkeling gear, ranging from comfortable masks and snorkels to innovative fins and full-face snorkel masks, is readily available for purchase, catering to the diverse needs of enthusiasts seeking an immersive and hassle-free underwater exploration.