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Immerse yourself in an underwater wonderland and learn to scuba dive with Frog Dive Scuba Centres today


At Frog Dive, we are a company built by experienced divers for divers. Founded in 1985, we are one of the oldest dive shops in Sydney providing the best deals on scuba gear and training. We are active divers, constantly diving in Australia and overseas in all conditions. Our team is knowledgeable in all types of diving and have the experience to go with it.


To ensure the safety and the enjoyment of our students, we run our classes in small groups. With a maximum number of 8 students per class and an Instructor and Divemaster working with each group, you will have the attention and time of our staff to develop your diving skills, no rush. If you are wondering what’s the differential that makes Frog Dive the best dive shop to Learn How to Dive with: small groups, world class diving training and an internationally recognised certification agency. That means proper training, not overload student/instructor ratio and you can go diving anywhere in the world after, without hassles.


Diving is fun! But is also hard work. At Frog Dive we are committed to creating the best divers, with good diving practices. Our courses are designed so you have enough time to learn your skills whilst still having a good time. If after the days of the course you or your instructor believes there's an area for improvement, you can do and re-do the classes as many times as you wish! No rush, no hassles.


We are one of the very few dive shops in Sydney that have their own in-store pool. A purpose-built dive pool with depth up to 3 meters and at 28oC, we use it from Learn How to Dive sessions to Try Rebreather dives for the curious ones. Want to set up your new diving gear or practice your buoyancy / skills you just learned on a course? Jump in, the pool is here for our you!


Want to go for a dive but not sure where to go or don’t have a buddy? That’s not a problem! Every weekend we have a Divemaster at different dive sites in Sydney to show you around, plus it’s a great opportunity to meet some dive buddies. Free of charge and open water friendly, we want you to keep diving.


Explore the Sydney harbour and many other dive sites around this beautiful city by boat. Jump on board our brand-new vessel Oceanpro and have a great time in and out of the water. A vessel built with hydrofoil technology, Oceanpro is a RIB with a catamaran hull. That means a fast and stable boat, for a comfortable trip to ensure a great diving experience.


We are divers and having the best gear is a must. Tested and approved by our staff, Frog dive is one of the very few shops in Sydney that have the best gear brands like Shearwater, Forth Element, Scubapro, Halcyon, Hollis, Oceanic, amongst many others.


Dennis first learn how to dive in 1985 when still in year 10, and from an early age he was already working in the industry. In 1987 he started work at Frog Dive as casual and after growing inside the company, he purchased the shop in 2000. Owner and manager director of Frog Dive, Dennis is an expert in business management making Frog Dive one of the oldest strong standing dive shops in Sydney.


John became a dive instructor in 1991 and joined the Frog Dive family in 1993. With a wide knowledge of diving gear and it’s working, he became an expert in maintenance and servicing for several brands, from open circuit to rebreathers. PADI Master Scuba Instructor, TDI Decompression Procedures, Trimix and Rebreather Instructor, John is responsible for the diving training at the shop as well as store manager.


Larissa started her diving life back in 2009 in her home country, Brazil. It was in 2012, after finishing her bachelor’s degree in Oceanography, that she decided to move to Australia. Joining the Frog Dive family in 2016, Larissa is responsible for coordinating diving operations & events, training processing and social media. Passionate about diving, Larissa is a Decompression Diver as well as our full time PADI OW and Specialty Instructor and the skipper of Frog Dive’s new vessel Oceanpro.


Born and raised in Sydney, James was introduced at a young age to diving and has been hooked ever since. He became an instructor in 2015, after working as a DM in Fiji and has been a regular presence in the shop ever since. Currently studying to be a teacher, he helps to run the shop on the weekend. With a sharp mind, James is a Decompression diver, and our casual PADI OW Instructor and PADI Freediver Instructor.

Scuba Diving

A wide array of scuba diving gear, including high-performance regulators, buoyancy control devices, wetsuits, and cutting-edge dive computers, is readily available for purchase, ensuring divers have access to top-notch equipment for a safe and enjoyable underwater experience.


Spearfishing enthusiasts can explore a variety of specialised equipment for purchase, such as high-quality spearguns, camouflage wetsuits and snorkels, providing a comprehensive selection to enhance their underwater hunting experience.

Free Diving

For those passionate about freediving, a range of equipment, including freediving fins, low-volume masks, specialised wetsuits, and innovative breath-holding training aids, is readily available for purchase, allowing enthusiasts to elevate their underwater exploration and breath-holding skills.


An extensive selection of snorkeling gear, ranging from comfortable masks and snorkels to innovative fins and full-face snorkel masks, is readily available for purchase, catering to the diverse needs of enthusiasts seeking an immersive and hassle-free underwater exploration.


Introducing: NEW Shearwater PEREGRINE Dive Computer

✨ NEW SHEARWATER PEREGRINE DIVE COMPUTER ✨   Shearwater has done it again! They re-invented the Recreational Diving Computer and it is just amazing!  The Shearwater Peregrine wrist computer is simple and easy to use: making it a clear choice for the diver starting their adventure but with plenty of room...

NEW Scubapro MK25 D420 Regulator

❗️ NEW Scubapro MK25 D420 Regulator The amazing performance that you already know from the MK25 first stage, now paired with the NEW D420 second stage!   🔥 D420 Second Stage: ✔️ Uniquely shaped casing:  with D-Series heritage and the latest advances in breathing performance technology ✔️ Air-balanced Progressive Flow Control...

Drysuit Specials

✨ Get Ready for the Clear Waters! 💦 The best time for diving in Sydney is just around the corner! Prevailing westerly winds, characteristic to winter in Sydney, are known for bringing clear water from open ocean to shore. This makes the upcoming season a great time for diving!Enjoy your dive even more in comfort, warmth & style with a Drysuit! Drysuit Specials bySANTI   |   FOURTH ELEMENT   |   BAREFREE FITTING SESSION Choose your Deal...

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