Spearfishing Course

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Frog Dive's Spearfishing Workshop is designed to provide an introduction to spearfishing for the beginners and to improve and fine tune the techniques of the more experienced spearos.

Learn about the art of breath hold spearfishing with our instructors, Simon Trippe and Andrew Harvey.  Simon and Andrew are experienced spearos and have undergone rigorous instructor training to provide you with an exciting and informative program.

This workshop concentrates on equipping students with breath hold techniques to enable them to spearfish effectively and in a safe manner.

Program Structure

Program is ran over two days, usually one weekend.

Day 1


  • Introduction
  • Safety
  • Physiology
  • Breathing


  • Pool Session
  • Static Breath hold


  • Spearfishing Equipment
  • Fish and Threatened species ID
  • History of the sport in Australia
  • Hunting Skills


  • Pool Session
  • Vertical Equalisation

Day 2


  • Meet at the Dive Venue
  • Review Day 1
  • Discuss Dive Plan for first Practical Session


  • Dive the line – working on equalisation, duck dive, streamlining, improving depth, finning technique
  • Safety – emergency responses


  • Discuss Dive Plan for second Practical Session


  • Diving with a speargun
  • Hunting techniques on selected fish
  • Catch Dinner


  • Discuss the events over the two days
  • Draw up a breath hold training programme for the individual


  • Student must be 18 years and over (or 13+ with a written letter of approval from parents)
  • able to swim and sustain themselves in the water (with and without fins)
  • good healthy conditions

What to bring

Day One

  • swimwear and personal gear
  • mask, snorkel and fins
  • wetsuit for breath hold training in the pool

Day Two

  • swimwear
  • mask, snorkel and fins
  • water and a snack for a light lunch (food available for purchase if required)
  • Speargun with rig cord, float with flag, booties, gloves (optional) 
  • gun, line and float can be hired at $50
  • Crocs or similar footwear (so you can attach to your float) there is a 10 minutes’ walk to one of the dive locations (optional for those with hard feet)

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