Private Guided Shore Dive

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Sydney offers word-class scuba diving, displaying some of the most interesting marine creatures just a few steps away from the shore.


Our private shore dives cater from the newly certified diver to the seasoned photographer who wants a bit of help to spot the cool critters, with everything in between!

Explore new places and see the coolest stuff! Our experienced divemasters will take you a guided tour on a dive site of your choice or will be happy to suggest where is a good place to go. The guided shore dives are available for individual person or group booking. Everyone in the group have to pay the booking fee.

Pick the date that best suits you and get gear up for the underwater fun is just starting!

To do this dive, you must be a certified diver. To ensure your safety, it is required that any diver who has not dived for the past 12 months to undertake a Refresher Course or Scuba Skills session. We have many date options and a flexible schedule, so if you haven’t dived for a while, please be safe and tune up your skills!


How it works

  1. Pick a preferred date for the dive. We have a flexible schedule to suit your needs.
  2. Choose your dive site. Or if you want, we can pick the best spot to go based on your experience level.
  3. Book the date. Bookings are only confirmed after the payment is processed.
  4. Pick up your gear. I you require gear hire, head to the shop on the day prior the dive for gear fitting and pick up.
  5. Go Diving! On the day of your dive, just relax and enjoy the ride! Meet with your divemaster at the beach on the planned location and time.
  6. Drop back you gear at the store. Don’t forget to bring you logbook, so we can sign and stamp your dive!

Good to know 

  • You must present your certification card and logbook for verification prior the dive.
  • Frog Dive will do it’s best to be available on your chosen date, however it will depend on the availability of our divemasters.
  • If you don’t have a car to pick up/drop off gear, give us a call and we will try to organise something with you.




Use discount code GROUPDISCOUNT during check-out for $30 OFF the experience when booking for groups of 2 or more.


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