Venture Heat Pro 32 diving vest

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Upgraded Carbon Fibre Waterproof Heated Dive Suit with built-in Haptic Pulse Technology - fully submersible with 100M waterproof rating.


The Venture Heat Pro 32 is the ideal choice when heating performance of the undersuit matters in the coldest water. It can be fitted underneath a dry-suit or a wetsuit for critical warmth.

The low profile vest is equiped with two heat panels that provides 32 watts of high output warmth to the user’s torso. Powered from the two 5200mah lithium batteries that can be activated by pressing the button on the wireless wrist remote. Incorporated into the undersuit is a haptic status receiver that sends feedback to the user via pulses regarding the heat levels, which works well even obscured vision while underwater.

Kit Includes


  • Heated vest
  • 2 x batteries and charger
  • 1 x wireless controller & charger
  • Undershirt
  • Extension insert
  • Laundry bag
  • Carry case




  • Use Type: Dual Use Wet & Dry Undersuit
  • Heating Zone: Carbon Fiber Front + Back
  • Heat Settings: High, Medium, Low
  • Runtime: 210 - 430 minutes
  • Control Type: Wireless Haptic Feedback Wrist Remote
  • Max Operational Depth: 100 metres (300 feet)


Rated to 100m 
The Venture Heat Pro 32 is designed to get wet or stay dry. Perfect for recreational or technical diving. The whole system is fully submersible with 100M waterproof ratin and are equipped to offer the most comfortable underwater experience.
32 watts of front and rear heat 
Keeps you warm and comfortable with two 32W Heating Zones one front heating panel and one rear heating panel.

Wireless Power Controller 
Includes a rechargeable wireless wristwatch controller. The easy-to-reach wired controller is attached comfortably on the vest's left sleeve, making it accessible for professional and all under-water activities. The wired remote features red indicator lights that informs both heating levels and battery life. Plus the vest incorporates the Haptic receiver and vibrates on conformation of each setting change. 

Over 5 hours runtime
Operates between three heat settings; 2.5 hours (High), 3 hours (Med), and approx 5 hours (Low).

Machine Washable

To prevent seawater oxidisation of the connector (shortens product life), user should cover all battery connectors with the protective caps. After each use, clean the equipment (including the battery, garment, and remote) with freshwater and air dry immediately. You may choose to wash the undersuit using protective caps and placing the garment inside the Laundry Basket.



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