South West Rocks - Weekend Getaway

South West Rocks is voted as one of the best dive sites in Australia, and it’s easy to see why. Only 2 km away from the coast is the famous Fish Rock, a island that gives no indication of the splendour that lies underneath.

At 120 metres long, Fish Rock Cave is one of the largest ocean caverns in the southern hemisphere and it has attracted divers worldwide. The deep end of the cave lies at a depth of about 24 metres, with thousands of bullseyes clouding the passage.

Dive into the tunnel entrance over huge wobbegong sharks and bull rays resting on the bottom. Ascend the vertical chimney with only your dive torch lighting up the hundreds of painted crayfish, giant cuttlefish and so much more. Pop up into the bubble cave for a quick chat before keep on diving!

You can expect to dive with friendly turtles, grey nurse sharks and masses of schooling fish which feed in the passing currents. Due to Fish Rock’s proximity with the Australian Easter Current, you can often spot migrating species as schools of pelagic, giant Queensland grouper, humpback whales, hammerhead sharks and much more! Here, a bit of luck to be in the right place at the right time can pay off with a dive of a lifetime! 

This adventure will be best enjoyed by the advanced diver. Please ensure you are qualified (min Advanced Open Water Diver) or experienced for this weekend.

Only $630 per diver


What’s Included

  • Three nights’ accommodation at the Divers Lodge
  • Six boat dives - double boat dives on Saturday, Sunday & Monday
  • Nitrox Available at no extra cost for certified divers
  • Tanks, Air Fills & Weights*

* Gear hire available for extra fee, please advise if you require anything.


  • Minimum of Advanced Open Water Certification or equivalent
    Email or give us a ring on 9958 5699 and secure your spot!
     Photos by Graham Willis