Enth Degree Assana LS Bodysuit

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Enth Degree Technical Performance Wear for superior warmth and comfort.  Without a doubt, the best thermal protection for high performance Water Sports.

Wet or dry, hot or cold, the Enth Degree keeps you comfortable for longer, enhancing performance and enjoyment in all watersports.  Perfect for kayaking, SUP, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and more.


Assana Long Sleeve Thermal Protection

The Assana features Anti-wind chill Fernotherm3, and internal membrane with similar thermal properties to a 2mm neoprene suit, trapping water water against the skin to maintain maximum warmth.  Wear it by itself or team up with shorts or long pants.



Developed with comfort and performance as the ultimate goal, the Assana achieves this with sleek form fitting lines around the buttox, chest and arms. A 3/4 front zipper, allows easy access in and out of the suit and doubles as a cooling mechanism when core body temperature rises. The open cut neck keeps any uncomfortable restriction away from the neck that is commonly experienced by women when wearing a traditional wetsuit.


1. Fast water run-off, quick drying and anti wind-chill.

2. Soft touch fleece for maximum comfort.

3. Thermal heat retention properties keeping you warm.

4. Wicks cool moisture away from the body.

5. UV 50+ sun protection.


Performance woven Nylon Lycra with water repellant treatment for ease of movement, fast water run-off, quick drying and anti wind-chill. UV 50+.


Windproof, breathable PU Membrane adhered with advanced dot lamination technique for optimum flexibility. Wicks cool moisture away from the body on the surface when dry and traps warm water against the skin when wet. Stops surface wind-chill.


385 g/m2 soft-touch fleece, for superior comfort, moisture wicking, and heat retention properties keeping you warm whether if you are wet or dry.