Fourth Element Argonaut 3.0 Flex Drysuit

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A specially engineered durable Flex trilaminate material is used throughout, making the Argonaut Flex an extremely rugged suit. This fabric has already been specified for military use and features hardwearing fabrics laminated with a flexible butyl layer for the ideal balance of durability and comfort.

The Argonaut 3.0 is a new pattern of the award winning suit that has been developed for the unique BIOMAP fitting system which is available exclusively in store at Frog Dive. Imagine simply walking in and being scanned by sophisticated software years in the making to guarantee an outstanding fit for your own custom designed drysuit. No tape measures and no errors in sizing.

This allows a standard pattern suit size to be selected and tailored to the customers size and body shape, providing a custom fit without the full made to measure price tag. If a diver needs a fully custom pattern then the BIOMAP system provides all that's needed.

Can't get into Frog Dive to chat to our staff ? We now offer options to make use of this unique measuring system in your own home. Give us a call to ask how.

As standard each Argonaut 2.0 suit comes with :

  • Latex seals
  • Two multi compartment pockets
  • Aqualseal YKK zip
  • Highly flexible standard boot with Fourth Elements ergonomic insole system
  • Choice of hood 3mm, 5mm or 7mm coldwater
  • Drybag to store your Argonaut in post dive
  • Changing mat and premium accessory pack


Each Argonaut is hand made and several additional options are available at a small additional cost, such as -

  • Sitech QCS Silicone user replaceable seals
  • Neoprene seals or mix wrist or neck for your own preferences
  • Factory fitted choice of P-Valves
  • Dryglove system
  • Complete made to measure service

Speak to us today about the options in creating your perfect drysuit designed with a guaranteed fit.

Delivery Times

Lead times vary throughout the year as each suit is hand crafted in Finland. Please allow at least 12 weeks for delivery.


Each Argonaut 3.0 comes with an beatable warranty of limited lifetime on all fabric and seams and backed with Fourth Element's famous customer service.



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