Hollis 200LX / DCX Sidemount Regulator Kit

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Hollis Sidemount Regulator System

Take the Guesswork out of Sidemount Regulator Configuration

The Hollis SMS regulator kit is designed to take out the guessing when setting up your sidemount regulator configuration.

The Sidemount Regulator Kit includes 2 200LX second stage regulators, 2 high-performance DCX regulators, proper hose length for the left and right bottles and 2 brass gauges. Also available separately are Angle Adapters for each regulator to help streamline routing and increase comfort.

Sidemount Regulator Kit Includes:

  • (2) 200LX adjustable second stages
  • (2) DCX overbalanced first stages with 5th port and swivel turret
  • (2) Brass SPG 2"
  • 36" LP hose
  • 84" LP hose