Hali Knife

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Strong, sharp and with an incredible smooth cutting blade, it's the knife designed for spearos.

The Ocean Hunter Hali Knife is sold with a low profile sheath which can be mounted on your bicep or arm and virtually eliminates any chance of annoying snagging and tangling issues from your rigging or float lines.  Made from 420 J2 marine grade stainless steel which has a durable Black Chromium plating over the blade which aids in the reduction of surface rusting and significantly extends the life span of the knife.

  •     Point tip style design
  •     Dagger style blade with included serrated section
  •     420 Marine grade stainless steel for rust prevention and maintaining a sharp cutting edge
  •     Moulded non slip "sure grip" handle
  •     Strong, heavy duty design suits all sizes of fish
  •     Low profile sheath
  •     Designed to be mounted to your bicep or leg for quick and easy reach
  •     Full steel design gives maximum strength for dispatching fish or for digging and prying
  •     Includes an easy to pull Dyneema cord in high visibility red, durable Sheath with quick release button and adjustable rubber straps

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