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The Oceanpro Corsair Scuba Pack is a great value package for excellent quality products. It features the Corsair BCD, Torquay F300 din or yoke regulator, OP20 Octopus, SPG Complete, and a bonus Hard case regulator bag.

The Oceanpro Corsair package is a great package as you can upgrade it to your own specific needs. An instructor recommended upgrate is to add the Osprey F400 Din or Yoke regulator, just for an additional $99.


OceanPro Corsair BCD

The OceanPro Corsair BCD is a Rear Inflation BC and offers optimal in-water trim and comfort. It is suited for local diving, yet light enough for travel – (Dry Weight 3.55kg)


  • “O-Flex” Bladder construction with Bungee allowing for oversize inflation to 40lbs of lift, whilst maintaining a slim profile during diving.
  • Deluxe Comfort Padded Backplate Pad
  • Depth Compensating adjustable position chest strap
  • Depth compensating waist cummerbund and secure waist over-buckle
  • Quick Release Swivel shoulder buckles providing a custom fit for all body types
  • 85kg pull-rating
  • 2 x Shoulder Dump, 1 x Lower Rear dump
  • 2 x 5mm 650kg rated triangular quick links
  • Snap-Lock weight release system
  • 2 x Trim Weight Pockets
  • Tank Height Adjustment strap
  • Ocean Pro high-flow serviceable inflator
  • BC Knife mounting grommets
  • Zippered Drop down accessory pocket
  • 10 x fixed position Stainless D-Ring, 2 x Plastic


Torquay F300 Regulator


  • Dynamic Adjustment second stage design, gives you ultimatecontrol of your breathing effort at any depth.
  • Comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece and lightweight design alleviates jaw fatigue.
  • Surge deflecting front cover minimising free flow in current.
  • Durable Aluminium front ring design.
  • Lightweight, flexible braided hose offering supreme comfort.
  • Balanced Diaphragm first stage offering elite breathing performance in all circumstances.
  • Nitrox Compatible to 40% out of the box.
  • 2 High Pressure & 4 Low Pressure ports for custom hose routing.
  • Oversize Yoke fitting all valve configurations.
  • Packaged In Enviro Friendly non plastic.
  • Free Parts for Life Warranty.


OP20 Octopus

The Oceanpro OP20 Octopus is a robust, reliable, and lightweight octopus, making it a great “go to”. The OP20 is light and strategically engineered to perform with smooth easy breathing when you need it most.

The 2nd stage is strategically engineered, thus the shape of the purge and offset vents not only look good, but help prevent the diaphragm from surging when swimming into a current. This regulator also features a downstream demand lever valve. This mechanism provides high airflow and smooth easy breathing. It also offers the highest level of safety. Should an over pressurisation situation ever occur, the diver can still comfortably breathe on the way to the surface.

The OP20 Octopus features a bright yellow cover ring, and bright yellow detailing to ensure that it is high visibility for any emergency situation. Designed with both style and function in mind, the small ABS Poly Carbonate housing makes it both tough and light.  The resulting product helps to reduce overall jaw fatigue.

The OP20 Occy regulator includes pre-positioned front cover ring holes. These ensure ease of serviceability after heavy use, and the second stage incorporates a fail-safe downstream demand lever valve.  You now have high airflow and smooth easy breathing combined with the highest level of safety.

The Ocean Pro OP20 Occy Regulator is common place in school and rental environments because it is one occy that just won’t let you down.  They come standard with a 85 cm / 36″ MaxFlex braided hose in black.

This octopus is Nitrox compatible to 40% straight out of the box.


Ocean Pro SPG Complete Gauge

The Oceanpro Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG) is compact, precise and dependable.  It has a back lit display which is easy to read, giving you peace of mind and more time to enjoy your diving. It is backlit with a luminescent face which is engineered to absorb light. This glows approximately 7 times faster and longer than other materials on the market. Not only is this useful in normal diving situations, you’re able to see it in the dark when cave diving or night diving. This ensures suitable for divers from beginner recreational right through to full-on technical divers.

There is also two places under the gauge where you can add a clip for extra security and clip it off on your harness system or BCD.


  •     Maximum pressure reading of 400 BAR.
  •     Nitrox compatible to 40% O2 straight out of the box.
  •     Shock resistant SPG Bourdon tube mechanism.
  •     Integrated one way safety valve.
  •    Has a 50 BAR Fluorescent caution zone – for when you’re getting too low.
  •     Comes with a 84 cm / 36″ High Pressure rubber hose in black.
  •     Proudly designed in Australia by Ocean Pro.

    Upgrade Available

    Ocean Pro Osprey F400 Regulator - ADD $149

    The Oceanpro Osprey regulator utilises a series of advances design features that enhance the performance and versatility of the user experience, breaking new boundaries for the Oceanpro brand and setting this Regulator apart from any competitor in its price bracket.

    Exclusive, unique and proprietary to the Oceanpro brand, the Osprey F400 is Australian by name and Australian by design. In a country where harsh environmental conditions and regular local diving is the norm, a feature rich product, capable of performing dive after dive in any conditions is critical.

    Critical performance features such as its environmentally sealed balanced diagram first stage and the pneumatically balanced second stage with dynamic in-use adjustment make breathing the regulator a depth as natural as breathing on land.

    The Osprey is a Pneumatically Balanced second stage that reduces breathing resistance to near zero with a balanced valve seat, designed to respond to the slightest inhalation. A Pneumatically Balanced second stage actually has (or can have) the same initial crack opening effort as a mechanically balanced second stage, but the spring force of a pneumatically balanced second stage is much lighter so its spring rate is lower, making for a life like breathing experience in every inhalation.



    • Pneumatically balanced second stage enables the use of a lightweight spring, ensuring the easiest of breathing regulators.
    • Heat sink connection uses ambient water temperature to warm breathing air assisting in cold water environments.
    • Lightweight, flexible braided hose offering supreme comfort.
    • Environmentally sealed first stage, eliminates contaminate ingress and prolongs life of regulator componentry.
    • 2 High Pressure & 4 Low Pressure ports for custom hose routing and Oversize Yoke fitting all valve configurations.
    • Comfortable mouthpiece and lightweight design alleviates jaw fatigue.
    • Surge deflection front cover with high grade chrome finishing ring.
    • Balanced Diaphragm first stage offering elite breathing performance at all depths.
    • Nitrox Compatible to 40% out of the box.
    • Enviro Friendly non plastic packaging and Free Parts for Life Warranty



      Still need a dive computer? We have got just the perfect deal.

      The computers prices bellow are only valid with the purchase of the Ocean Pro Corsair BCD Package.

      VEO 4 NAVCON Combo - Add $310

      An easy-to-use entry-level console computer capable of demanding dives, Veo 4.0 is sleek, slim and packed with features. Bluetooth technology connects any mobile device to the free DiverLog+ App so you can track, manage and share all your dive data on the go pre- and post-dive.

      Includes Oceanic’s patented Dual Algorithm™ with 4 operating modes, larger digit size, and a 20% slimmer profile so you’re comfortable while exploring the underwater world.

      The NAVCON combo comes with the computer, pressure gauge and compass integrated on the same gauge.


      GEO 4 Wrist Computer - Add $599

      Geo 4.0 has a brand-new stylish and sporty look! It features an updated display area with larger, crisper digits and Oceanic’s patented Dual Algorithm. Choose between 5 optional colour straps and enjoy Bluetooth connectivity to all smartphones through the DiverLog+ App for the ultimate mobile experience.

      New and experienced divers can dive anywhere with Geo 4.0 and stay connected in style.


      Atmos Mission One Wrist Computer - Add $729

      The Atmos MISSION ONE is a powerful and intelligent dive computer. Its advanced alarm system provides effective vibration and on-screen notifications. By syncing with the ATMOS™App, you can view the Divesite’s GPS and keep your unforgettable diving stories.

      Sleek and robust construction, make it the most desirable dive companion to ensure your best diving experience.

      OCi Wrist Computer + Air Transmitter - Add $1270

      The OCi represents the next step forward in recreational wireless air-integrated dive computers from Oceanic. 

      The Oceanic OCi is an advanced all-in-one dive computer featuring Oceanic’s exclusive Dual Algorithm, wireless air-integration, digital compass, and so much more.  All in a strong, lightweight housing.