Advanced Open Water Diver Accessories Package

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This package is ideal for divers that are doing the Advanced Open Water Diver course, as it has all the required gear that the student will need.

It's also a great value pack for the diver who is looking into get their own gear, with a great selection of accessories that will make any underwater adventure even more enjoyable.


Package Includes


Hyperion Dive Light

The Hyperion HFL1000 Dive Light packs 1000 lumens of LED light. It has a powerful 8 degree beam and a perfect compact re-chargeable dive torch kit.

This mid-sized light is small enough to fit in your BCD pocket as a backup or powerful enough to be used as a primary light.

The Hyperion Dive Light accepts either AAA alkaline batteries (not included) in a battery cradle, and includes a 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Includes a smart Carry Case to hold all the components of the re-chargeable torch.

The torch kit includes a lanyard, 18650 Li-ion battery and charger, & USB cable.


  • POWER 1000 Lumens
  • Very powerful and penetrating 8 Degree Beam
  • Battery 18650 Lithium and includes carry frame for AAA Battery
  • Weight 157 Grams without battery
  • Torch size 160mm long  x 47mm wide at Torch head
  • Multi push Switch
  • Power output modes 100% | 50% | 25% | Flash | SOS
  • 90 minute burn time on 18650 battery at 100%
  • 100 Metre depth rated
  • Alloy body


Scubapro FS-2 Compass with Retractor

The Scubapro SF-2 Compass is a unique, high quality and trustworthy compass that can be used in the Southern and Northern Hemisphere, unlike most other compasses. This makes it an ideal compass for traveller divers.

The SF-2 Compass is  easier to read than other compasses as its tilt angle goes up to 35 degrees. It also has an easy to read side view window and is oil-filled compartment. 

With a special scratch-resistant case and is easy to read during night dives or low-vis dives due to its luminescent properties.

Compass comes with a retractor to clip the gear on your BCD and easy use.


Oceanpro Wrist Dive Slate

A dive slate can be written on underwater and passed back and forth between divers. Divers find it useful to communicate complex ideas underwater with their buddies as well as to record survey data, like when exploring new dive sites.

Writing on underwater writing utensils is just as easy as writing in dry air and there is no miscommunication with your buddy - a must on every dive. Easily cleaned off after the dive, a diver slate will make your next dive more enjoyable and easier.

  • Curved design that fits comfortably around the wrist with Velcro strap and 2 bungees for easy attachment.

  • Multiple 3 in 1 layers

  • Durable ABS material

  • Pencil Included