Atomic Aquatics TFX Regulator

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Atomic Aquatics engineers reimagined the rather unconventional front exhaust regulator design to create the most natural and effortless breathing
regulator for all diving attitudes or positions. Traditional rear exhaust regulators have more breathing resistance in certain dive positions, like looking

The TFX gives divers enhanced and sophisticated air delivery with dramatically reduced inhalation effort compared to all other regulators on the
First stage components are precision-machined from solid Titanium alloy bar

Unique 4X Yoke design – tighten or remove from tank with one turn

Minimalist yoke design is optimized to use the least amount of material for the lightest weight possible

Atomic Aquatics exclusive balanced Jet Seat high-flow piston

Freeze-protected and factory-sealed to prevent outside contamination from silt and sand
Nitrox ready – approved for non-dedicated EAN use with mixtures up to 40%

Ports: 2 HP fixed / 5 LP on swivel cap

Fresh take on front exhaust design with exhaust valve and inhalation diaphragm both mounted in the
front center of the regulator
Bold narrow-width case architecture with fluid lines and sweeping flexible front purge cover that integrates seamlessly with exhaust deflectors

Variable Lift Cam with near frictionless action lever increases lift at high demands to provide high flow with low inhalation effort

Atomic Titanium Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice automatically retracts away from the seat when not under air pressure to extend service life, maintain crisp like-new performance and prevent damage during storage

Adjustable venturi nozzle gear-driven tuning with soft-touch lever
Low-friction cap at the cam surface

Coaxial diaphragm and exhaust valve for 360o breathing effect
Atomic exclusive patented all-Titanium Comfort Swivel hose now with less friction and smoother movement

Uniquely designed extended silicone exhaust tee with a sweeping flexible front purge cover and soft rubber exhaust deflectors that route the exhaust away from and behind the divers field of view

Dual silicone comfort fit mouthpiece with tear-resistant bite tabs – both comfortable and durable Deluxe padded travel bag

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