Dive Computer Hire - Shearwater PEREGRINE

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Try it before you buy it!

Go for a dive with the Shearwater PEREGRINE Dive Computer and see for yourself it's  great features!

 If you decide to buy it, the valued paid on the hire will be put as credit towards the purchase of the computer.



Hire Terms & Conditions
  • Diver will be required to fill up the "Shearwater Hire Form", where information like credit card details are compulsory;
  • If the dive computer is not returned to Frog Dive within 7 days outside the hire agreement and without reasonable explanation, the credit card on file will be charged with the full retail price of the computer;
  • Always check that the computer is working properly before leaving the shop. Damages to the computer will incur on an extra fee;

  • Dive computer is required to be picked up and returned to the shop, there's no delivery service;

  • Dive computer can be picked up at the shop at any trading time on the booking day and should to be return by the following day within trading hours. If not returned by the following day of booking, extra days hire fees might be applied;

  • For multiple days hire, please change the "quantity" of the product to the number of days required;

  • No credit/refund will be given for unused computer;



Shearwater PEREGRINE features:

  • Full Colour, high resolution and easy-to-read display: 2.2” LED LCD display with vivid, enhanced colour range and saturation.

  • Simplified diving modes and full decompression support: Uses Bühlmann ZHL-16C with gradient factors. Shearwater dive computers never lockout for dive plan deviations.

  • Intuitive dive planner: Quick NDL Planner and full decompression planner built in.

  • Two Button Interface: Simple to navigate, state-aware menu structure. 316 stainless steel buttons.

  • Wireless Charging: Battery life per charge is up to about 30 hours on medium brightness level.

  • Wireless Data Transfer Smart Technology: Enables you to upload dive logs using wireless data transfers.

  • User Customisable Display: Customise your display with information important to you.