Enth Degree Atoll Hooded Vest Ladies

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The ultimate thermal protection for water Sports.  Enth Degree Atoll hooded vest delivers maximum warmth, comfort and flexibility.  Wear it by itself or layered under a wetsuit. 

As a layered garment the Atoll hooded vest l is the equivalent of adding 2mm Neoprene without the bulky restriction and added buoyancy in the water. The Integrated hood can be dropped away during use and replaced should body temperature fluctuate throughout activities.


1. Fast water run-off, quick drying and anti wind-chill.
2. Soft touch fleece for maximum comfort.
3. Thermal heat retention properties keeping you warm.
4. Wicks cool moisture away from the body.
5. UV 50+ sun protection.


Performance woven Nylon Lycra with water repellant treatment for ease of movement, fast water run-off, quick drying and anti wind-chill. UV 50+.


Windproof, breathable PU Membrane adhered with advanced dot lamination technique for optimum flexibility. Wicks cool moisture away from the body on the surface when dry and traps warm water against the skin when wet. Stops surface wind-chill.


385 g/m2 soft-touch fleece, for superior comfort, moisture wicking, and heat retention properties keeping you warm whether if you are wet or dry.


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