Fourth Element Arctic Top Men

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Fourth Element's award winning Arctic range of drysuit undergarments has set the standard for thermal protection for the drysuit diver for years and continues to be the one of the best choices for those diving a trilaminate suit.

The Fourth Element Arctic is one of the highest performance undersuits in scuba diving and features a double layer of high tech fleece material to trap heat and wick moisture away from the skin.

The Arctic will also continue to perform when wet. In situations even when a drysuit has flooded, the Arctic continues to provide thermal protection. Fully machine washable and ready for you to dive again the next day thanks to quick drying properties.

The top can be purchased seperately from the pants in different sizes to provide the best possible fit.

With extra length to ensure overlap with the Arctic Pants and thumb loops to help with donning your drysuit , this is the standard by which all other drysuit undergarments are measured and perfect for Sydney's diving conditions.

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