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When simply the most advanced and highly regarded undersuit is called for, the HALO AR from Fourth Element is trusted by explorers around the world as being simply without equal.

Perfect for the cold southern waters of winter Australia, Gambier or anywhere your adventure takes you, the HALO simply performs.

For those looking for extreme protection and the ultimate in thermal capability then couple with the Fourth Element J2 Baselayer system for the very best.

Horizontal trim is a main cause of heat loss and occurs when the diver is in a horizontal position and the air migrates to the back of the suit which increases pressure on the chest and heat is lost to the water. This 3D material is panelled on the chest, torso, shoulders and thighs to provide constant air layer to minimise heat loss especially when the diver is in horizontal trim.
The forearms have been insulated to provide a warmer blood flow to hands. High density fleece layers have been applied to the crook of the elbow so that there is greater mobility.
The kidney region has a larger flow of blood close to the skin surface and the Halo 3D features 2 additional layers of fleece to minimise heat loss to the environment in this area.

Features :

  • SpaceTek Compression Resistant Materials:
  • Enhanced Low Bulk Insulation:
  • Pre-prepared holes for p-valve tubes
  • Zipped pocket on the arm for small items such as keys
  • Comfortable zip cover at neck
  • Double headed full length zipper for convenience and ease of donning
  • Elasticated waist portion to ensure close fit
  • Thumb loops keep sleeves in position while donning the drysuit
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Body-mapped thermal protection