Halcyon Adventurer Carbon Wing BC System

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The new Halcyon Adventurer Wing system, is a single tank BC based around the popular Eclipse wing and a carbon fiber backplate in Halcyon's traditional design. The system attaches to a single cylinder with the Halcyon Single Tank Adapter and includes 30Lbs or 40Lbs Eclipse wings and carbon fiber backplate complete with standard single loop harness and all stainless wear, an MC Storage Pack for backplates.


  • Cabron Fibre Backplates
  • lightweight and Modular for easy travelling


Totally clutter-free compared to traditional jacket-style BCDs, the profile of the  Eclipse wing supports the single tank along diver's entire length, preventing unnecessary drag and minimizing in-water effort.  Weight: 3.98Kg without ACB pockets. 4.485Kg with ACB pockets (using SS hardware).

The low drag design of the wing spreads the air in a balanced way on back of the diver, keeping the BC part of the compensator out of the way and offering unprecedented streamlining during a dive. The wing has a narrow elliptic shape which more or less matches the divers width.

There are no air-inflated side panels or pockets as on traditional 'jacket type' BC's, avoiding a "legs down" position often caused by air to the side and front of the diver. There are no restrictions on the diver's chest - making it extremely comfortable, with no chest compression, also allowing one size to fit all with no hassle.

Advantages of a wing system over a "jacket type" BC are numerous. The Halcyon system depends on a one piece webbing harness looped through a sturdy aluminium or stainless steel backplate that should last many life times. Once donned, a webbing crotch strap can be utilised to keep the whole system in place with minimum movement.

This clutter-free system is easily adjustable to suit any size, any type of diving and any thickness of suit/undersuit a diver may be using. It is ideal for men, women and young divers alike and the harness, stainless hardware and backpack can easily be moved to a twinset wing in the future.

What backplate to use?

While not set in stone, aluminium or lighter carbon fiber backplates are generally preferred by traveling or wet suit divers as they are far more lighter than their stainless steel counterparts.