Halcyon H-75P Doubles Regulator Package

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The Halcyon H-75P / Halo Regulator System comprises high performance first and second stage components for the ultimate diving experience. Halcyon regulators are designed for optimum performance in some of the harshest conditions; from deep wrecks of the Baltic Sea to high altitude caves of the Russian interior.  The Halcyon Halo First Stage is a perfect fit with either the H-75P Halcyon first stage.


Package inclusions:

  • Hoses and Regulator Bag included
  • 2x H-75p 1st Stages
  • 2x Halo 2nd Stages
  • 1x Hose Kit
  • 1x Master SPG
  • 2x Bolt Snaps
  • 1x Backup Necklace

* Hose sizes: primary regulator 7 ft hose, secondary regulator 24 inch and HP pressure gauge hose 26 inch. Please advise if you would like a different set up.

* Please note: LP inflator hose does not come with this package.  LP Inflator hoses are included on all Halcyon wings or it can be purchased separately.


H-75P First Stage

Halcyon's H-75P provides consistent delivery with performance that ranks among the very best in the industry. Stable intermediate pressure provides precise delivery of air to the seccond stage ensuring a remarkable ease of breathing while diving in all environments at nearly any tank pressure and within almost any water temperature.  

Lightweight & responsive components create prompt adjustments to breathing demands in all conditions, temperatures or tank pressures.

The H-75P guaranteed as the smoothest breathing regulator whether you are on the final hours of an extreme cave exploration or on a blue water ascent after a magnificent Grand Cayman wall dive.

  • Five High-flow, Low-pressure Ports allow you to customize your hose routing for comfort and convenience. The Halcyon 360 degree swivel turret cap with high flow ports ensure the best air delivery possible with up to 15% more air than other LP ports. 
  • Two opposing high pressure ports allow you to choose where to route your SPG and allows the use of accessories. 
  • 300 Bar DIN first stage is the most secure connection available
  • Nitrox 40% compatible right out of the box. Oxygen clean upgrade kits also available.
  • Externally adjustable intermediate pressure allows a quick fine-tuning by a Halcyon service technician without fully disassembling the first stage.


Halo Second Stage

Halcyon’s Halo second stage offers steadfast reliability and impeccable performance; two methods of breathing adjustment make it the top choice for demanding Halcyon divers - the ultimate in breathing performance. Experience the smooth, high volume of air delivered by a Halcyon Halo second stage and you will be hooked. 

  • Balanced, downstream valve offers incredibly smooth breathing in all conditions. The design slightly offsets the force of the downstream air entering from the first stage, allowing reduced spring tension and a decreased inhalation resistance. Halcyon first stages are balanced, so the Halo is a perfect fit with either the H-75P Halcyon first stage.
  • Adjustable inhalation control refines breathing effort by way of an easy access control knob; this allows the demanding diver an opportunity to fine-tune the air delivery of the second stage.
  • Air Control Vane (ACV) offers a second diver adjustment for the ability to fine-tune breathing. The ACV uses vacuum assist technology to reduce work of breathing and increase diver comfort. 
  • Comfort mouthpiece is standard on every second stage to reduce jaw fatigue and mouth irritation. In combination with the freedom of head movement provided by Halcyon’s primary long hose, you will enjoy dives free from the jaw fatigue common with certain mouthpieces and/or poorly balanced hose routing.


Master Submersible Pressure Gauge

Halcyon pressure gauges are reliable and accurate.  Designed for pressures beyond 5,000psi (400BAR), and constructed with high-quality materials, the highly visible, luminescent face makes this a favorite among divers in all environments. 

The weight and size of our Standard SPG gauge make it well suited as a primary SPG; the large, clear display is easy to read in all diving conditions.


  • Calibrated for BAR (0-400) or PSI (0-5500)
  • Nickel-plated brass with mineral glass lens




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