Inflatable Float & Accessories Package

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A great budget and good quality Float, Knife and Gloves package. Includes:

This package is great for the beginner freediver and spearo who are looking forward to hone their skills with added safety to their dives. 

If you have any doubts or would like to enquiry any changes on the packages, please reach us on 02 9958 5699 or and our experts be happy to help.

Why to carry a Float and Knife?

When freediving in open water, divers are strongly advised to carry a buoy. The  buoys help divers to be visible for boats and other people around as well as they provide a resting platform. 

Floats are also an essential part of a spearfishing kit as they prevent the diver from losing their gun when  spearing a fish. When speared, the fish can take off and the spearo needs to be able to return to surface for breathing, letting go of the gun if needed.

Dive knives are another important tool for the safety of freedivers and speros alike. Fishing lines can be present in almost any body of water, presenting an entanglement hazard.  A dive knife is also useful for the spearo to dispatch a fish.



Inflatable Float with Flag

Ocean Hunter’s Float with Line and Flag is designed for durability to consistently provide you with a source of safety when diving. The torpedo shape of the float means that water and wind friction are minimised to reduce drag when towing. The separate internal bladder is resistant to punctures and can be removed for replacement.

The float comes with 20m (65ft) of high vis float line with clips at either end and a detachable high vis blue and white dive flag. On the underside of the float, reinforced webbing straps have been included with 6 D rings attached. The compact size and lightweight design means that this float is perfect for travelling spearfishermen.

Ocean Hunter Redback Knife

The Ocean Hunter Red Back Knife is a 420 grade Stainless steel serrated edge knife. A great budget knife with sheath and straps.


  • Double sided dagger with plastic sheath and quick release straps
  • Stainless steel one piece construction
  • 40mm serrated edge for fast line cutting
  •  Plastic coated handle for easy grip
  • 11cm blade
  • Available with handle in black or red


    DEX Gloves 

    The Ocean Hunter Dex Gloves have been designed exclusively for spearos and divers who demand a high quality glove that is comfortable to wear and easy to get on and off without sacrificing on finger movement when in use.

    The material is 2mm super stretch neoprene for maximum dexterity and handling ability so you can actually use it to do the things you want to do both underwater and on the surface.

    One of the unique features of these gloves is the non-slip pattern on the palms which ensures that you’ll always have a good grip on things. The design of this glove has been carefully perfected by incorporating minimized panels which actually improve the gloves comfort and their feel on your hands.


    • Made from 2mm Super Stretch neoprene for maximum dexterity and handling.
    • Non slip palm pattern
    • Minimised paneling increases glove comfort and feel