Ocean Hunter Chameleon Extreme 3mm Wetsuit

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Ocean Hunter Chameleon Extreme 3mm wetsuit is ideal for spearfishing and freediving. The dual camo print will allow you to blend into multiple locations.

Comfortable jersey lining in combination with flatlock stitching means that water sealing is one of this suits strongpoints, allowing for heat retention. Made from a durable material “Duraprene”, this suit is designed to last.

The anatomical 3D design of the wetsuit creates a comfortable and well fitted suit, including long john and a jacket with a hood, connected via a beavertail using a two-piece style design.

The chest loading pad will reduce the pressure on your chest when loading and reloading your speargun. Supratex knee and elbow pads have also been included to reduce stress on the neoprene where most wear is seen, protecting the long-term integrity of the suit and the diver when interacting with hard and/or abrasive surfaces.



  • 3mm thickness
  • 2 piece Wetsuit includes long john and hooded jacket with beaver tail
  • Versatile camo print
  • High wear knee and elbow pads
  • Tough hexagonal chest pad

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