Ocean Hunter Chameleon Hood

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The Ocean Hunter 3 mm Chameleon Hood will not only keep your head warm, but it will also help you to blend in with your underwater hunting environment at the same time. This 3 mm hood is made from high stretch neoprene and includes a bibbed hooded construction which is designed to be tucked under the wetsuit. This system ensures the spearo with maximum protection from cold water entering around your neck seal. Also included in the hood is an offset venting system to stop any air bubbles from getting trapped under the hood.

The Ocean Hunter Chameleon Hood in 3 mm is ideal for temperate and warm water diving. It's very easy to put on and does not require the use of any lubricants to don. The hood has a durable jersey lining and Flatlock stitching which helps to keep cold water locked out, insuring that the spearo will have maximum heat retention. The Ocean Hunter Chameleon Hood makes an ideal choice for any spearfishing experience level.


  • Bibbed hood is tucked under the suit to ensure maximum protection from cold water entering
  • Ocean Hunter's new custom Dual camouflage colour
  • 3 mm thick, high stretch neoprene
  • Offset venting system stops air bubbles from becoming trapped under the hood
  • Dual camouflage design works well in both ocean and reef environments