Ocean Hunter Float Line w/ Needle & Stringer

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The Ocean Hunter Foam Float Line w Speed Needle and Stringer includes a tough float rope with all the essential spearo tools required for easy, hassle free spearing. This clever float line has been designed for the spearo who likes to keep things simple and highly effective. Once you've threaded your fish, you won't have to worry about the potential for the fish to float back up the line as its securely kept in place on the stainless trace thanks to the stainless barb. That way the fish stay where you want them at the end of the float line, close to the float and away from the diver.

Featuring a marine grade, stainless steel fish stringer and stainless steel barb - divers can simply thread their caught fish onto the float line. As the fish are pushed down to the end of the float line they then pass over the stainless steel barb which works as a one way only device. Once the fish have passed the barb they cannot return back up the float line. For extra security, the last section of the float line rope from the barb to the end of the line is manufactured in stainless steel which prevents it being bitten though and avoids the potential for losing your float.


  • The ultimate floatline for all types of underwater hunting in Australian waters
  • Foam core for optimum buoyancy
  • Comes with stainless steel Speed needle and Fish Stringer
  • 15m or 25m Red Line

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