Ocean Hunter Shock Cord with Snap Clip

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The Ocean Hunter Bungee Shock Cord with Snap Clip swivel works like a shock absorber to ensure a strong stretchable link between your spear shaft and your spearfishing speargun. Manufactured from pure latex rubber to provide maximum stretch and long life this gun bungee is ideal for keeping your spear gun line firm and avoiding entanglements whilst you are hunting.

The use of the Snap Clip with Swivel allows for quick connecting and undoing when you are in the water which is ideal for competitive spearos wanting to perform quick exchanges between different shooting lines to suit different hunting circumstances. The addition of the swivel helps to eliminate the potential for messy line entanglements.

This bungee is ideal for all levels of spearos from beginner to competitive levels.


  • Breaking strain: 180 kg
  • Pure latex rubber outer sheath for maximum stretch
  • Creates a powerful shock absorber between your speargun and your prey to eliminate the potential for lost fish
  • Bungee make rigging your speargun easier when using low stretch monofilament, nylon or Dyneema
  • Reduces the chance of the shooting line slipping and coming away when diving in turbulent conditions
  • Cored through the middle with a heavy duty 180 kg soft weave Dyneema for reliability

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