Oceanic Hera Ladies BCD

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If you've been looking for a BC specifically designed for women, then look no further.

The newly re-styled Oceanic Hera QLR4 has been built from the ground up to provide you with all the features and durability of a high-end BC. Incorporating Oceanic's Patented Adjustable Positioning System (APS), the Oceanic Hera QLR4 is light weight, provides plenty of storage, and 30lbs of integrated weights. 

Try it for yourself; it will be the most comfortable, best fitting BC you'll ever wear.

The Oceanic Hera BCD combines the benefits of both rear inflation and jacket style BCDs and features: 

  • Patented Custom Fit Harness which is countoured over the hip for added comfort and has moveable shoulder straps so you and your girls can really get comfortable. 

  • Integrated Weight System which accommodates up to 9kg (20 lbs) plus dual 2.67 (5 lbs) rear weight pouches for improved in-water positioning. 

  • Reinforced shoulders, a padded back pack and an fully adjustable  chest strap ensure to ensure maximum comfort and perfect fit. 

  • Pre-bent welded stainless steel D-rings to safely stash your accessories

  • An Integrated instrument retractor mount and Spinner BC Knife mounting grommets to keep your knife and instruments safely stowed and easily accessible.


Ladies, if you are looking for a new BCD, this is the one for you. 


You Asked For It

In developing the Oceanic Hera BC more than 300 female divers, instructors and Oceanic Dealers participated in a detailed survey to help develop the ultimate women's-specific BC design. Time and time again, you've told us you're looking for a BC designed to fit you; not a scaled down male BC. You're looking for a BC that's comfortable, contoured in all the right places, but one that doesn't sacrifice features or functionality. You want a BC that's travel-friendly, yet rugged enough and packing the lift capacity required for daily local diving. And finally, you're looking for something with a little style - preferably not just big swatches of pink or purple material.

You asked for it - and here it is. Patented Custom Fit Harness Oceanic's patented Custom Fit Harness is standard equipment on the Hera BC. With multi-position shoulder straps and cummerbund, the Oceanic Hera BC delivers individual comfort for women.


Size Chart


XS / 150-165 / 50 - 60

SM / 155-170 / 55 - 66 

MD / 165-180 / 60 - 75

LG / 170-185 / 70 - 85

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