Oceanic Hera BCD Package: "The Instructor Choice"

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The Oceanic Hera Scuba Package is our Instructor's choice!

This package includes all of the goodies: Oceanic Hera  BCD, Oceanic Delta 5 EDX Regulator Yoke or DIN, OP 20 Occy and Oceanpro slim SPG.

Purchase the standard package or customise it with a regulator upgrade from our extensive range of products.


Oceanic Delta 5 EDX Regulator

The Delta 5 EDX is the latest evolution in a long line of remarkably reliable, durable and smoothly breathing regulators to carry that name. It not only looks great, but like the models before it, the Delta 5 comes standard with our patented Dynamic Adjustment Technology, dive/pre-dive controls and a super comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece.

Delta 5 Second stage

  • Pneumatically balanced second stage with new all-metal valve automatically maintains consistent inhalation effort whether you’re at 5m or 30m

  • Dive/pre-dive switch and Patented Dynamic Airflow Adjustment Control enables diver to fine-tune airflow

  • Heat exchanger enhances performance on cold water dives

  • Orthodontic mouthpiece provides optimal comfort and fit

  • Available in Black and White: black comes as standard, advise if want a white regulator for no extra charge.

  • Durable MiFlex Braided Hose comes standard

EDX First Stage
  • Balanced Diaphragm Valve enables constant performance at any depth

  • Available in DIN or Yoke: Yoke comes as standard, please advise if prefer DIN for no extra charge.

  • 4 low pressure and 2 high pressure ports

  • Nitrox compatible to 40% out of the box

  • Environmental seal protects valve from external contaminants and maintains performance in cold water



Ocean pro have produced an occy with unmatched reliability and performance, with a super comfortable feel. This is largely thanks to the lightweight but durable poly-carbonate design of the housing. With strategic surge prevention engineering, the OP20 continues to perform under testing conditions. A downstream demand demand lever valve ensures high airflow and easy breathing. 


  • Downstream Demand Valve Design: Gives you a device with high airflow and seamless breathing.

  • Comfortable: The mouthpiece and light weight design of the OP20 reduce jaw fatigue.

  • Poly Carbonate Housing: Lightweight and tough material for a comfortable design that'll last.

  • Easy Servicing: Pre-positioned front cover ring holes.

  • Surge Prevention: Specially engineered purge shapes and off-set vents prevent diaphragm surge in currents.

  • Nitrox Compatible at 40% O2

  • Bright colouration: Yellow colouration and highlights make the device easy to find.


Oceanic Hera BCD

The new Oceanic Hera BCD is built from the ground up for you and designed specifically around the female form with ample adjustments to make it your own, without sacrificing features and functionality. The Hera may just be the most comfortable, best fitting BC you’ve ever worn.


  • QLR Integrated Weight System accommodates up to 20 lbs. plus dual 5 lbs. rear weight pouches for improved in-water positioning

  • Oceanic Hera BCD is contoured over the hip for added comfort

  • The Oceanic Hera’s QLR Integrated Weight System accommodates up to 20 lbs. plus dual 5 lbs. rear weight pouches for improved in-water positioning

  • Weight pockets are loaded positioned at a slight downward angle to aid self-loading on the Oceanic Hera BCD

  • Reinforced shoulders, padded back pack and an adjustable position sternum strap ensure comfort and stability while wearing the Oceanic Hera BCD

  • Pre-bent welded stainless steel D-rings

Upgrade Available

ZEO FDxi Regulator - ADD $200

The Oceanic ZEO scuba regulator uses a durable chrome plated marine brass metal valve to deliver a phenomenal breathing experience with extensive diver control over the air flow profile at any depth.

Comes with an in-line hose swivel, inhalation effort control, dynamic adjustment technology dive/pre-dive switch and a super comfortable orthodontic mouth piece. The Zeo’s new cold forged, over-balanced diaphragm FDXi first stage comes with DVT and is environmentally sealed. The in-line design limits the pressure loss inherent in “L” type first stage designs making the FDXi more efficient and lighter due to it’s compact form.


  • The Oceanic ZEO scuba regulator has a Pneumatically balanced second stage with super low breathing effort
  • The Oceanic ZEO scuba regulator has Diver adjustable inhalation effort
  • Patented Dynamic Adjustment automatically maintains inhalation effort throughout the dive with the ZEO regulator
  • Ergonomic Adjustable Venturi Switch (A.V.S.) for simple Dive/Pre-Dive Adjustment on the Oceanic ZEO scuba regulator
  • The Oceanic ZEO has a Stainless steel inline swivel for reduced jaw fatigue and comfort
  • The Oceanic ZEO scuba regulator second stage is paired with the rugged FDXi Over-Balanced Diaphragm First Stage featuring DVT (Dry Valve Technology)



    Still need a dive computer? We have got just the perfect deal.

    The computers prices bellow are only valid with the purchase of an Oceanic Diving Gear Package. Pick your package and don't worry, one of our friendly staff will get in touch with you to help you choose what computer best suit your needs.


    VEO 4 NAVCON Combo - Add $310

    An easy-to-use entry-level console computer capable of demanding dives, Veo 4.0 is sleek, slim and packed with features. Bluetooth technology connects any mobile device to the free DiverLog+ App so you can track, manage and share all your dive data on the go pre- and post-dive.

    Includes Oceanic’s patented Dual Algorithm™ with 4 operating modes, larger digit size, and a 20% slimmer profile so you’re comfortable while exploring the underwater world.

    The NAVCON combo comes with the computer, pressure gauge and compass integrated on the same gauge.


    GEO 4 Wrist Computer - Add $599

    Geo 4.0 has a brand-new stylish and sporty look! It features an updated display area with larger, crisper digits and Oceanic’s patented Dual Algorithm. Choose between 5 optional colour straps and enjoy Bluetooth connectivity to all smartphones through the DiverLog+ App for the ultimate mobile experience.

    New and experienced divers can dive anywhere with Geo 4.0 and stay connected in style.


    Atmos Mission One Wrist Computer - Add $729

    The Atmos MISSION ONE is a powerful and intelligent dive computer. Its advanced alarm system provides effective vibration and on-screen notifications. By syncing with the ATMOS™App, you can view the Divesite’s GPS and keep your unforgettable diving stories.

    Sleek and robust construction, make it the most desirable dive companion to ensure your best diving experience.


    OCi Wrist Computer + Air Transmitter - Add $1270

    The OCi represents the next step forward in recreational wireless air-integrated dive computers from Oceanic. 

    The Oceanic OCi is an advanced all-in-one dive computer featuring Oceanic’s exclusive Dual Algorithm, wireless air-integration, digital compass, and so much more.  All in a strong, lightweight housing.