Oceanpro's Compass Clip On

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Oceanpro's Compass Clip On


Oceanpro's Compass Clip On features a high angle tilt compass securely housed in a durable clip-on boot mount for convenient access. With a prominent pointer, directional lubber line, and Southern Hemisphere compatibility, it ensures you never lose your bearings. The user-friendly adjustable bezel and angle tilt feature enhance usability across profiles. Offering exceptional performance at an excellent value, Oceanpro's Compass Clip On ensures confident navigation.



Oceanpro Retractor with clip

Keep your scuba equipment neatly tucked away when you don't need it, yet easily accessible for when you do require it. The Ocean Pro Retractor is designed to be simply clipped onto your BCD or harness system with one end and then the other end is easily attached to your dive accessory. This Retractor is ideal for use on dive lights, compass, slates and will also stop issues with annoying hanging gauges and occys.

  • Prevents underwater snagging and entanglement by keeping gear close to the divers body
  • Keeps your gear neatly tucked away thanks to the automatic line recoil
  • Stainless steel cable for maximum security and long life
  • Fully extends out to: 70 cm / 28 inch

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