Oceran Pro F200/OP20

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A great regulator combo: the Ocean Pro F200 First Stage and the OP20 Second Stage. With the F200, you get a reliable unbalanced piston first stage with a dependable output of air. You can optimise your hose routing with the 1HP and the 4 LP ports. The Oversize Yoke fitting is great as it can match all valve configurations.

The OP20 Second Stage complements the design of the F200. It features a downstream demand valve design and a diaphragm surge prevention front cover. The ABS polycarbonate housing is very light, which helps to avoid jaw fatigue and makes diving more comfortable. With the OP20, you get a high airflow and smooth breathing.

All in all, a very reliable regulator combo that can even withstand the demands of being used as school or rental gear. The regulator is also a perfect choice for the most rugged of diving conditions.


  • Unbalanced piston first stage design
  • 1 HP and 4 LP ports
  • Downstream demand valve second stage design
  • ABS polycarbonate housing
  • Nitrox compatible to 40%