Rob Allen Scorpia Railgun & Accessories Package

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The perfect advanced railgun and accessories package for the underwater hunter who wants the best gear for the best performance.

Package includes:

  • Rob Allen Scorpia Railgun 1000 
  • Rob Allen Rigid Float 7 L
  • Ocean Hunter Float Line with needle & stringer 15m
  • Ocean Hunter Hali Spearfishing knife

When purchasing the package, please advise of your gloves size in notes during check out. The standard package size for the speargun is 1000, but if you prefer something different we can organise it free of charge.

If you have any doubts call 9958 5699 or email and our experts will guide you through it

Rob Allen Scorpia Railgun

The Scorpia is Rob Allen’s ‘so called’ entry level gun aimed at the beginners looking to get top quality without having to rob a post office. We say ‘so called’ because this mean hunting partner holds several world records in its own right. Powered by the same 16mm bands as the top of range models, the Scorpia packs one hell of a punch.

Unlike most of its competitors in the entry level bracket, it is made from aviation grade aluminium and not plastic which means it’s incredibly rugged and durable. This makes it an ideal gun for shore divers as it eats up the sometimes unforgiving conditions and continues to perform season after season.


  • Single 16mm band
  • 6.6mm tri-cut springer steel spear (far denser than stainless steel)
  • Aviation grade aluminium barrel 1mm thick
  • Mechanism manufactured from glass reinforced nylon
  • Single wrapped heavy duty shooting mono – 2mm thick with 400lb breaking strain



Rob Allen Rigid Float

The Rob Allen 7L rigid foam float is made from a tough polyethylene shell which resists punctures and cracking, whilst the closed cell foam is intended to increase the density of the float. The shell is blown with a high-quality PU foam formulated to specific Rob Allen requirements.

The float includes a dive flag for additional safety on top of the high visibility orange float. Plus 2 shark clips are also included to attach rigging, whilst the keel weight ensures that the float remains upright at all times to make you more visible.


Float Line with needle & stringer

The Ocean Hunter Float Line is ideal for all types of underwater hunting and includes 4 inch marine grade stainless steel shark clips on either end, plus reinforced stitching at both ends for maximum security.


  • The ultimate floatline for all types of underwater hunting in Australian waters
  • Foam core for optimum buoyancy
  • Comes with stainless steel Speed needle and Fish Stringer


Hali Spearfishing Knife 

Strong, sharp and with an incredible smooth cutting blade, it's the perfect knife designed for spearos.

The Ocean Hunter Hali Knife is sold with a low profile sheath which can be mounted on your bicep or arm and virtually eliminates any chance of annoying snagging and tangling issues from your rigging or float lines.  Made from 420 J2 marine grade stainless steel which has a durable Black Chromium plating over the blade which aids in the reduction of surface rusting and significantly extends the life span of the knife.


  • Point tip style design
  • Dagger style blade with included serrated section
  • 420 Marine grade stainless steel for rust prevention and maintaining a sharp cutting edge
  • Moulded non slip "sure grip" handle
  • Strong, heavy duty design suits all sizes of fish
  • Low profile sheath
  • Designed to be mounted to your bicep or leg for quick and easy reach
  • Full steel design gives maximum strength for dispatching fish or for digging and prying
  • Includes an easy to pull Dyneema cord in high visibility red, durable Sheath with quick release button and adjustable rubber straps


DEX Gloves 

The Ocean Hunter Dex Gloves have been designed exclusively for spearos and divers who demand a high quality glove that is comfortable to wear and easy to get on and off without sacrificing on finger movement when in use.

The material is 2mm super stretch neoprene for maximum dexterity and handling ability so you can actually use it to do the things you want to do both underwater and on the surface.

One of the unique features of these gloves is the non-slip pattern on the palms which ensures that you’ll always have a good grip on things. The design of this glove has been carefully perfected by incorporating minimized panels which actually improve the gloves comfort and their feel on your hands.


  • Made from 2mm Super Stretch neoprene for maximum dexterity and handling.
  • Non slip palm pattern
  • Minimised paneling increases glove comfort and feel

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