Scubapro Mk11 / S360 Regulator Package

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SCUBAPRO MK11 / S360 Regulator



The perfect reg for divers seeking solid performance in an uncomplicated air delivery system.


Designed for divers seeking reliable performance in an uncomplicated air delivery system, the MK11/S360 is compact, user-friendly and affordable.

The balanced diaphragm MK11, with its chrome-plated brass body specially designed to reduce size and weight, is an ideal travel companion. Its system features internal parts that are sealed from the elements, increasing reliability and performance.



The MK11's polished chrome forged brass body features identical high pressure and low pressure ports on each side so you can hook it up to your tank in either the up or down position while maintaining the same port layout. Also, two of the low pressure ports are high-flow, delivering about 15 percent more air than the standard low pressure ports. This means lots of effortless airflow with every breath.


The lightweight techno-polymer S360 is an air-balanced second stage similar to the S560 but with pre-tuned inhalation backed by a simple Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) switch for divers who prefer to keep their reg systems simple. It breathes smooth and easy.

Delivering consistent airflow, ease of use and dependability, the MK11/S360 is just the ticket for recreational divers of all skill levels, and dive travelers in particular.