Scubapro Mark25 First Stage and C300

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Our compact C300 Systems offer uncompromising breathing performance for avid recreational divers. The C300 second stage is lightweight with anti-scratch cover. It allows all the adjustment options of a high-end regulator while remaining a midrange system. The C300 second stage features:

    • The Optimal Flow Design valve (OFD) for reliable and high air flow, improving work of breathing compared to a downstream valve.
    • Diver-adjustable coaxial VIVA for powerful inhalation assistance and prevention of free-flow.
    • Diver adjustable inhalation control for personalized breathing effort.
    • Redesigned mouthpiece tube allows better exhaust airflow.

MK25 First Stage

      • Air balanced flow-through piston
      • Chrome plated brass body
      • Cold water: Anti-Freeze protection
      • Externally adjustable intermediate pressure
      • Low pressure ports: 5 on swivel turret
      • High pressure ports: 2
      • Tank connection: INT 230 bar / DIN 300 bar
      • Weight: : INT 230 825g / 29.1 - DIN 300 592g / 20.9oz
      • Air Flow at 200bar: >8500 l/min - 301 SCFM
      • Intermediate pressure: 9-9.8 bar / 130-142 psi

C300 Second Stage

    • OFD downstream valve
    • Coaxial flow
    • Diver-adjustable inhalation effort
    • Diver-adjustable Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA)
    • Super-flow hose
    • High comfort orthodontic mouthpiece
    • Technopolimer valve housing
    • Weight: 175g / 5.2oz
    • Air flow at 200 bar: 1550 l/min - 50 SCFM
    • Maximum low pressure: 14 bar / 203 psi
  • Available with either 232bar INT or 300bar DIN first stages.

The MK25/C300 has our ultimate balanced piston first stage paired with a reliable recreational second stage, making this a remarkable all-rounder system. MK25 first stage features include:

  • Air balanced flow-through piston provides constant and effortless air flow unaffected by changing tank pressure.
  • 2 high and 5 low pressure ports on a swiveling turret.

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