Scubapro R295 Second Stage Regulator (Nitrox) with 100cm Hose

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Classic downstream valve. Classic downstream valves are
particularly noted for their legendary safety and reliability. When in use,
the downstream valve opens in the same direction as the incoming
air flow. To close the valve and stop the air flow, a spring counteracts
the force of the incoming air. Therefore, a certain inhalation effort is
always required to overcome the spring tension and open the valve.



    • Fixed VIVA (Venturi Initiated Vacuum Assist) flow vane.

    • Fixed in the pre-tuned ideal position for safe and uncomplicated use.

    • Extremely lightweight and compact.

    • Comfortable for all divers, including junior divers newly initiated in the sport.

    • Orthodontic mouthpiece. SCUBAPRO uses a comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece on every second stage to reduce jaw fatigue and gum irritation. It was developed by dentists and dental laboratories and lasts longer than any other mouthpiece, because only a minimum effort is needed to hold it comfortably in place.

    • Nitrox compatible configurations satisfy both advanced and recreational divers. Owning a SCUBAPRO dedicated Nitrox regulator means you can safely dive using oxygen enriched air with over 21% and up to 100% oxygen concentration at a maximum working pressure of 200bar, in full compliance with EU norms EN 13949:2004 & EN 144-3:2004 for breathing devices.

  • WARNING: You must be fully trained and certified by a recognized diving training agency in order to dive with oxygen enriched air (Nitrox breathing mixtures). Diving with Nitrox without such certification could lead to death or serious injury.



  • WARNING: if a Nitrox dedicated SCUBAPRO regulator has been used with standard compressed air from a non-filtered source it is then compulsory to perform a new maintenance and conform with the cleaning procedure specifically designed for the use of Nitrox mixes and carried out by an authorised technician, before using them again with Nitrox.

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