Ocean Hunter SGS Speargun & Accessories Package

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The perfect entry level Spearfishing gun & accessories package. Includes:

  • Ocean Hunter SGS Speargun 1000
  • Ocean Hunter Inflatable Float with Flag
  • Ocean Hunter Assassin Knife
  • Ocean Hunter DEX Gloves

When purchasing the package, please advise of your gloves size in notes during check out. The standard gun size for the package is 1000, but if you prefer a different size we can exchange it Free of Charge.

If you have any doubts call 9958 5699 or email dive@frogdive.com.au and our experts will guide you through it.

SG-S Speargun 1000

The Ocean Hunter SG-S is a reliable speargun that has been constructed with power and comfort in mind. With interchangeable Mako and cluster heads and a 6.5mm stainless steel shaft along with many other features, this gun is hard to go past in value for money.


- A lightweight yet durable gun that packs a serious punch with power transfer matching that of a far more expensive gun

- Ergonomic and stub loading plate included

- Extruded Aluminium Barrel

- 6.5mm Stainless Steel shaft

- Interchangeable Mako and cluster heads as standard

- Surelock firing mechanism with line release

- Streamlined closed muzzle with power-up option

- Dyneema bridle gun rubber

- Packaged in polybag and header

- Available barrel lengths: 60cm, 80cm, 100cm and 120cm

Inflatable Float with  Flag

Ocean Hunter’s Float with  Flag is designed for durability to consistently provide you with a source of safety when diving. The torpedo shape of the float means that water and wind friction are minimised to reduce drag when towing. The separate internal bladder is resistant to punctures and can be removed for replacement.

The underside of the float, reinforced webbing straps have been included with 6 D rings attached. The compact size and lightweight design means that this float is perfect for travelling spearfishermen.

Assassin Spearfishing Knife

The Ocean Hunter Assassin Knife is the ideal spearos knife. This Knife can be easily mounted onto the spearos arm, leg or belt for quick and easy access when dispatching your fish in a timely manner.

The Knife features an extremely sharp 9cm dagger style blade which has been designed for deep penetration through bone and flesh. The Ocean Hunter Assassin Knife is manufactured in marine grade stainless steel for long life and has a twin locking mechanism on the sheath which allows for easy extraction with only one hand. This clever locking mechanism ensures that the knife can’t accidentally displace its sheath and be lost. 


  • 9cm blade dagger style blade
  • Safe-lock sheath allowing for easy extraction with only one hand
  • 35mm serration edge ideal for burley
  • Complete with rubber straps


DEX Gloves 

The Ocean Hunter Dex Gloves have been designed exclusively for spearos and divers who demand a high quality glove that is comfortable to wear and easy to get on and off without sacrificing on finger movement when in use.

The material is 2mm super stretch neoprene for maximum dexterity and handling ability so you can actually use it to do the things you want to do both underwater and on the surface.

One of the unique features of these gloves is the non-slip pattern on the palms which ensures that you’ll always have a good grip on things. The design of this glove has been carefully perfected by incorporating minimized panels which actually improve the gloves comfort and their feel on your hands.


  • Made from 2mm Super Stretch neoprene for maximum dexterity and handling.
  • Non slip palm pattern
  • Minimised paneling increases glove comfort and feel


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