Sofnolime 20kg Keg Loose CO2 Sorb

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Sofnolime is a carbon dioxide absorbent for the removal of CO2 from breathable gas in rebreathers diving. The D Grade has a particle size of 1.0mm to 2.5mm and has a triangular cross-section which combines to give a higher CO2 usable capacity.

Diving rebreathers purify the breathing gas with a chemical process called scrubbing, the chemical most often used is soda lime. The carbon dioxide gas exhaled by the diver mixes with the water to form a weak carbonic acid liquid. The carbonic acid reacts with carbon dioxide and removes it from the breathing gas. The chemical reactions also produce heat and more water, which in turn causes the process to continue more efficiently.

Because there are many types and formulations of carbon dioxide absorbent, it is critical to use only the specific CO2 absorbent recommended by the manufacturer of your rebreather. Proper storage is a necessity as well, in order to maintain the correct balance and distribution of moisture throughout the absorbent.

Available in 20kg keg and 2 x 4.5kg twin pack.