Sub-Sabre V1 Video Light

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The Sub Sabre V1 Video light is the latest from Oceanpro in Underwater lights.

The V1 video light is a video light and dive torch in one; the value for money Sub-Sabre V1 offers up to 3,000 Lumens of warm white light in Video mode (110° beam angle) and 800 Lumens as a spotlight in Dive mode (30° Beam angle).

The light is Constructed with a durable anodized aluminium body and using a rechargeable 21700 battery for extended burn time, the light also features an easy to read power indicator and the ability to change the power setting whilst diving to ensure you don’t run out of battery life on your dive.

The Sub-Sabre V1 Video Light comes standard with a YS Video Clamp for easy mounting to a camera system and a charge cable. The torch is ideally suited to our TR04 Camera trays  that have flex arms for both Compact Cameras and Go Pro’s. With two high power torches on the flexible arms a large smooth beam can be achieved and reduce a shadow effect caused by a single torch.

The Sub Sabre V1 Video light key features:

• White light Lumens: 800 for spotlight through to full power video light of 3000 lumens.
• Burn Time: 70 – 500 minutes.
• Battery: USB C Rechargeable without using a cradle. Cable plugs directly into battery (after removing from torch) for easy use and lightweight for travel.
• Depth Rating: 100 metres deep.
• Beam Angle: 110° angle (Video mode) 30° angle (Dive mode spotlight).
• Housing: Gun Metal Grey Aluminium.
• Switch: Push Button that will scroll trough different modes on a short push or turn off on a long press.