Suunto D5 Wrist Computer

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The new Suunto D5 Dive Computer is a watch style, colour screen, dive computer made for the active and travelling diver. The colourful screen makes it easy to understand the information it's telling you and the transflective display technology makes it easy to read it in all lights. It supports Air and Nitrox diving with up to 3 dive gases, has an apnea freediving mode, 3D digital compass, plus vibration and sound alerts.

One of the things that sets the Suunto D5 apart from the competition is the fact that apart from coming in Stainless Steel or Black you can also quickly and easily change the strap colour to suit your preference, match your dive kit or just be a little different.



  • 100 M WATER RESISTANT- With a Stainless Steel Bezel and Composite polymer body. The Suunto D5 is lightweight and yet super tough. Weighing in at just 90 grams, it is a watch that won’t weigh you down.
  • WIRELESS TANK PRESSURE – The Suunto D5 can be individually paired with up to 3 Suunto Tank POD transmitters. This gives you the opportunity to gas switch underwater with tank pressure and be assured you have connectivity. Tank Pods are sold separately.
  • VIBRATION ALARMS – If you have trouble hearing underwater (like us!), this feature allows you to feel an alarm through vibration on your wrist. What a great idea!
  • DIGITAL COMPASS- Have a very accurate and easy to read compass bearing on your computer to allow you to navigate underwater.
  • WIRELESS MOBILE CONNECTION – Connect to your phone via Bluetooth and view all your dives. Add some photos or video from your GoPro or Camera. You can have a detailed logbook, on your phone or computer.
  • EXCHANGEABLE STRAPS – This feature has been on the Suunto Adventure Watch range for some time and now available with the D5. The system allows for a quick change to suit your style, turning the Dive Computer into a great Dress Watch.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – The ability to recharge your battery is not new to Suunto, as it is already possible with the Adventure range and the Suunto Eon Dive Computer. It is new to the watch size dive computers which saves on battery changes, unlike other D series Suunto computers.
  • UPDATABLE SOFTWARE – Using the Suunto DM5 program, you will be able to update your software at the same time you log your dives. You can also adjust your settings on the DM5 program and update your Suunto D5 Dive Computer.



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