Ocean Refresher Course

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The Refresher course is an easy way to refresh your foundational scuba safety knowledge and skills if you haven’t been diving in a while. A perfect program to ensure your readiness for any emergency situation or just to get hold of your buoyancy back.


           We meet at the store pickup gear then head down to the beach.

The half day Refresher Course is designed to remind you of everything you learned in your original dive course. You will participate in theory and practical sessions -  the ideal way to get your dive skills back to where you can feel like a competent diver in the water.

The aim of the Refresher program is to refresh your memory in the following areas:

  1. Theory session: dive theory, physics and physiology
  2. Ocean Dive: Revision of diving skills then a relaxed dive at one of our open water locations, 

All you need to do is supply a C-card or a copy of your certification logbook.

 Course Dates

If you don't see a date that suits you, please call us and we will try our hardest to do one that suits you and your schedule.

 Program Structure

 The program is conducted over one day, with a theory, and ocean session. Pick the day that best suits you, as we run these classes by demand and in small groups/single student.

- Theory session

Refresh all the dive theory you once knew through a quick review.- 

    - Ocean Dive

    In one of Sydney's best dive sites, we will cover:
    • Dive site brief
    • Pre-dive safety checks
    • Revision of all Open water dive skills: includes mask clearing, out of air scenarios, controlled emergency swim ascent, hovering and buoyancy skills
    • Exit, dive debrief and log


    • Student need to be at least 12 years old
    • Hold a minimum certification of PADI Open Water Diver (or Junior Open Water Certification) or equivalent

     What’s Included

    • FREE Gear Hire
    • Instructor tuition and administrative fees

     What to bring

    • Diving Certification Card and Logbook. If you require new card or logbook, it can be arranged upon extra fee.




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