Enth Degree Eminence QD Wetsuit Ladies

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The Enth Degree Eminence 5mm Ladies wetsuit is the next evolution of wetsuit design. This suit has been built specifically to the needs of the modern scuba diver. An elite combination of high-stretch neoprene, proprietary materials and simple effective features set, make the Eminence stand out from the crowd.

The eminence features Quick-Dry Thermal panels all throughout the inside of the suit. These add valuable thermal properties equivalent to that of another millimetre in neoprene without the added buoyancy, whilst also eliminating the uncomfortable task of donning a cool, squelchy, wet wetsuit in repetitive dive situations like live-a-boards.

Clean lines and form fit inspired from the surfing industry make the Eminence one of the most comfortable, thermally effective suits available in today’s market.


  • Quick Dry Thermal lining technology throughout adds warmth and ensures putting on a “dry” warm suit every time
  • Rear “Batwing” seal eliminates water seeping through the zipper.
  • The design of the back of  the wetsuit also adds comfort and padding against the spine. This helps to protect from the weight of your dive gear.
  • High stretch neoprene.
  • Glued & blind stitched (GBS) seam construction eliminate sew throughs & water entry to keep you warmer
  • Heavy Duty internal seam tape in critical stress areas for durability combined with slimline seam taping reducing the potential of water ingress
  • Neoprene “slide through” wrist and ankle seals with Silicone tape, offering easy donning and aggressive seal against incoming water during diving
  • Smooth skin neck seal to prevent flushing through neck area
  • High wear 3D print shoulder pads, provide protection against a rubbing BCD or harness
  • Ultra tough “Supratex” knee pads for abrasion resistance in critical wear areas during activity such as shore diving
  • Available in 5mm and 7mm.