Ex-Rental / School: Steamer 7mm wetsuit

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Grab a bargain with our Ex-Rental / School Wetsuits SALE

We pride ourselves for keeping high standards on our Dive school and Gear Hire, and our wetsuits keep up with that. 

The ex-rental/school one-piece 7 mm steamer wetsuit are manufactured by Neptune Australia with high quality neoprene. These suits are popular due to its flexibility with a robust built. Particularly favoured for its stretch and ability to conform to a divers body and fitting a wider range of body shapes.

All our rental/school wetsuits are thoroughly washed after each use with Gear Aid Revives Wetsuit & Drysuit shampoo, that ensures maximum hygiene and suit maintenance.

Please note: These are ex-rental / dive school wetsuits, meaning suits can have minor scratches and/or wear marks. We do not sell wetsuits with wholes or with any damage that would affect suit's performance.

The Frog Dive logo and details might be imprinted on the chest / arms of the suit.


  • One piece steamer suit
  • Back zipper
  • 7mm thickness neoprene
  • Knee pads
  • Robust built: made to last

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