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Go for an underwater adventure on your own terms! Get a full Scuba Gear Kit for hire with Frog Dive !


FULL SET Includes

  • 1 x Scuba tank with min of 210 bar of AIR;
  • 1 x BCD;
  • 1 x Regulator with dive computer, pressure gauge, primary second stage and occy;
  • 1 x Wetsuit Steamer 7mm
  • 1 x Weight system (belt and/or integrated, depending on diver's gear configuration)
  • 1 x Pair of Open Heel Dive Fins*

* Open Heels Fins require the use of diving boots, there are NOT slip on fins.

                         Boots are NOT provided as part of the hire


Add to your set a diving neoprene hood FREE OF CHARGE.

Wetsuit Sizing

Our wetsuits are a 7mm Neptune Steamer. Sizes are as follow:

Man: 3 (Small), 4 (Medium), 5 (Large), 6 (X Large), 7 (XX Large)

Woman: 10, 12, 14 and 16 

We know how important a wetsuit with a good fit is! If you are unsure of your wetsuit size, don't worry about it. Try it on when picking up your gear and change it the size in store if needed.

Scuba Tank

Our standard hire tanks are Aluminium 80cf yoke. If you want anything different than that, just talk to our friendly staff when picking up gear and we can swap it to you.

Boots, Mask & Snorkel

For hygiene reason, we don't hire boots, mask & snorkel. You can find discounted products here: Boots | Mask & Snorkel


Plase Note: 

  • Always check that everything is working properly when picking up the gear hire;

  • Fees listed here apply only to online bookings (booked and paid online);

  • Diver is required to pick up and return the diving gear to the shop, there's no delivery service;

  • Gear can be picked up at the shop at any trading time on the booking day and should to be return by the following day within trading hours. If not returned by the following day of booking, extra days hire fees might be applied;

  • For multiple days hire, please change the "quantity" of the product to the number of days required;

  • Divers must present certification card to pick up scuba gear;

  • No credit/refund will be given for unused gear;

  • Cancelation for any reason within 24hours of booking are subject to a $25 administrative fee;


If you are looking for guided shore dives or boat dives, go to our Dive Calendar.

Know where and when to go diving, but want a Divemaster to go with you?

Check out our Private Guided Shore services.

Scuba Diving

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Free Diving

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