Ocean Hunter Kohana MSF Package

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The perfect option for the divers who are starting into freediving and spearfishing and are looking with a budget friendly package, and with plenty room to upgrade the gear. With quality products, this package is also great for the seasonal diver who wants the flexibility of a medium or long blade, all in one.


The Ocean Hunter Kohana MSF package includes:

  FREE with the purchase of the package, get a pair of OH Plush socks 2mm.



For the diver who wants to go a step further, this package also offers an Add On Option.  The Ocean Hunter Ambush Freediving Blades are a freediving pair of fin blades that you can easily fit on the Kohana fins foot-pocket, turning the Kohana fins into a long freediving set. 

Find out more bellow.


If you are unsure about what size to order, or would like to enquiry about any changes on the package, just reach us on 02 9958 5699 or dive@frogdive.com.au and our experts will guide you through it. 


Product Details


Ocean Hunter Kohana Switchblade

The new Ocean Hunter Kohana Switchblade is the one fin to do it all. This fin has a foot pocket that can switch blades, allowing for its use as medium snorkel fins, or with long blades for proper freediving fins.

Using the Ambush foot pocket, that features a huge size range, this fin pair comes with a medium blade, and it also works seamlessly with the freediving Ocean Hunter Ambush Camo blades and Rob Allen Torsion X Carbo blades.

The versatile medium length blade utilises channels, scoops and dual moulded materials to create a blade that is compact and easy to manoeuvre while having ample thrust for shallow water spearfishing, cray diving or snorkelling. This fin is perfect for new spearos looking to get started while allowing them to upgrade at low cost as they progress into long blade fins.  The dual material ensures better performance than single material blades when the blade length is reduced.

No matter your level or where you're going, the Kohana will be a great all round fin for all of your ocean adventures.



  • Replaceable blade system

  • Comfortable Ambush footpocket

  • Wide range of sizes

  • Easily upgraded to freediving / carbon blades 

  • Powerful and manoeuvrable design 

  • Thrust channel technology 

  • Dual material blades enhances performance.

  • Excellent full foot scuba fin

  • Ideal for shallow water spearfishing and lobster hunting 


Ocean Hunter Phantom MS set

The Ocean Hunter Phantom Mask & Snorkel Set is for serious divers - heavy duty, premium quality at a great price. The matte black design suit any spear ensemble, matte black liquid silicone has been used to create a form fitting low volume / high visilbilty mask and snorkel set perfect for any level of free diver.


  • 20mm internal diameter snorkel Wide boar J snorkel with Silicone mouthpiece
  • Quick adjust streamlined buckle system on low volume form fitting mask
  • Heavy duty
  • Available in Black and Camo


FREE Plush socks 2mm

The Ocean Hunter Plush Socks are used to provide warmth and protection from scratches and chafing. For Spearos and Freedivers it's a must have to ensure comfort and high performance when using long fins. Designed in a 2mm thickness, the Plush socks offer the best fit results for closed heel fins.

The socks are lined with super comfortable plush material that makes is it the easier sock to fit in the industry. Fast drying, odour resistant, very durable and with non-slip soles for improved longevity and traction.




Ocean Hunter Ambush Fin Blades: add $99

Fast becoming the most commonly used Camo plastic blade on the market, the Ambush Blades are sleek in design and perform brilliantly with the Medium to Light rigidity.

Suited as equally well to the new spearo or the seasoned diver who likes a light weight easy to use blade.


  • Comes as a pair
  • freediving fin blades
  • Signature Ocean Hunter Ambush Fin camo pattern
  • One size fits all 


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