Oceanic Vortex V12 Fins

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The Oceanic Vortex V12s technological edge is achieved with the patented Natures Wing technology. By splitting the blade to generate highly efficient thrust or lift like an aeroplane wing, while reducing the strain on the muscles of the leg and hips by allowing the water to drain between the dual blades.

With the V12, Oceanic's design team has worked long and hard to create just the right combination of fin size, shape, and angle. At this point, Duoprene is added - a proprietary combination of natural rubbers and hi-tech polymers to fully maximize this new technology and create the ultimate fin.



  • Patented hydrodynamic wing technology with a split blade design
  • Highly efficient kicking reduces stress in the legs and hips
  • Duoprene construction uses a combination of materials for optimal comfort and performance
  • Adjustable spring strap for easy and secure fitting

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