Oceanic "Scuba Diver" Package: Perfect Entry Level

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The Oceanic Scuba Diver Package combines the Ocean Pro BCD with integrated QLR4 weight pockets with the Alpha 10 CDX Yoke or DIN regulator, the OP20 Octopus and the SPG Complete. Get yourself scuba ready with this convenient all-in-one package!



The Oceanic Ocean Pro BCD with QLR4 integrated weight pockets has been designed with simpliity and durability in mind. The easy to use functionality of the BC makes it perfect for divers of all skill levels. Constructed with a super durable 1000D fadeless denier material, this BC can take a hit and continue to perform. With the patented QLR4 weight pockets, you can easily add or remove weights with the plastic clip and stay in place with the positive-lock system.


  • Simplistic, Durable BCD Design

  • Durability: Made to withstand frequent use and give the same performance every time.

  • Nylon Construction: Durable 1000D denier fadeless material welded from a 500 denier nylon. Abrasion points are reinforced with 1600 denier ballistic nylon.

  • QLR4 Weight Pockets: This patented quick release weight system that sits firmly in place throughout the dive with a positive-lock system. they're easy to load and release with a clip buckle.

  • Alliance Integrated Inflator: Designed to be used in any dive position with a full range of airway exhaust/inflation control. At the press of a button you can produce a precise flow for trimming dive altitude, or opt for maximum flow for changes in buoyancy. 10 lbs of trim weight.

  • Padded Backpack: Thick padding on the back for comfort in and out of the water.

  • Adjustable Cummerbund: Adjust your cummerbund up to 8" to give a perfect, secure fit. 

  • Two Large Pockets



The all-new Alpha 10 regulator brings a new level of performance to our entry-level workhorse range of regulators, with the first ever inclusion of a pneumatically balanced 2nd stage in an Oceanic Alpha to ensure effortless breathing at any depth


  • Dive/Pre-Dive adjustment and braided hose in lightweight Alpha housing

  • Either of:

    • A 2nd stage all-new CDX balanced diaphragm with 4LP and 2HP ports and environmental seal

    • A solid as a rock unbalanced piston ideal for hard environments or fleet use.



Ocean pro have produced an occy with unmatched reliability and performance, with a super comfortable feel. This is largely thanks to the lightweight but durable poly-carbonate design of the housing. With strategic surge prevention engineering, the OP20 continues to perform under testing conditions. A downstream demand demand lever valve ensures high airflow and easy breathing. 


  • Downstream Demand Valve Design: Gives you a device with high airflow and seamless breathing.

  • Comfortable: The mouthpiece and light weight design of the OP20 reduce jaw fatigue.

  • Poly Carbonate Housing: Lightweight and tough material for a comfortable design that'll last.

  • Easy Servicing: Pre-positioned front cover ring holes.

  • Surge Prevention: Specially engineered purge shapes and off-set vents prevent diaphragm surge in currents.

  • Nitrox Compatible at 40% O2

  • Bright colouration: Yellow colouration and highlights make the device easy to find.



Ocean pro's SPG Complete offers divers a reliable analogue option for tracking pressure. Measured in bar units, the display is clear and easy to interpret. The compact profile of the device means it won't feel clunky while diving. A crucial diving safety device, the SPG can act either as a backup to your air integration computer or as a primary pressure reader.


  • Clear Display: A large, easy to read display in BAR units (0-400)

  • Low Profile: Small boot design is convenient while diving

  • HP Hose


ADD ON Dive Computer

Oceanic VEO 4 NAVCON - ADD $429

Oceanic's Veo 4.0 Navcon is the ultimate dive computer combo for entry level divers looking for a device that's manageable but with the features to track and improve the diving experience.


  • Entry level dive computer
  • Aesthetic slim design with a clear interface
  • Bluetooth connection to your mobile device through the DiverLog+ App free from the app store
    • View, manage and share data post dive
    • Adjust gas mixes and modes (Nitrox and air, gauge and free dive)
    • Switch Dual Algorithm
    • Or view data on the go
  • Fitted with Oceanic's patented Dual Algorithm
  • Four operating modes
  • 2 push button navigation
  • Decompression capability from 10-60ft (3-18m)
  • Automatic or adjustable prompts and audible alarms
  • SmartGlo backlight for readability in low light conditions
  • Diver-replaceable batteries
  • Compass on the back reading in 30-degree increments
  • Solid rubber boot to protect the dive computer and accessories


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