Oceanic Wireless Air Transmitter

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The Oceanic Wireless Transmitter is threaded into the first stage regulators high pressure port and allows the Transmitter to continuously send tank Air pressure data to a compatible Air Integrated dive computer.

Each Transmitter uses a unique frequency to allow for multiple divers to swim side by side without any interference. This also means that an individual diver can use multiple independent gas supplies without any interference.

Designed for total reliability, the Oceanic Wireless Transmitter replaces the need for a  high pressure gauge, eliminating a whole hose of your regulator.

The Oceanic Transmitter is powered by a diver replaceable 3.6 Volt CR-2 Lithium Battery (sold separately, available for add on). To replace a battery divers can simply use a coin to unscrew the Transmitter end cap. The durable and rugged Oceanic Transmitter is also compatible with many other brands including Oceanic, Aeris, Aqua Lung, Tusa and Shearwater dive computers that feature Wireless Air Integration.

The use of Wireless Transmitter allows divers to have access to important features that can be available on their computers like Air Time Remaining (a feature that calculates current depth, tank pressure, your breathing rate, ascent time, and decompression status). As well as  Dive Time Remaining (provides a "real" number in minutes of a calculation that combines Nitrogen and Oxygen absorption, displaying whichever allows less time).

The Oceanic Wireless Transmitter will display gas pressures from: 0 - 350 BAR / 0 to 5000 PSI.


Oceanic Transmitter can be synced with the following Oceanic Computer models allowing up to 3 tranmistters: OC1, VT4.0 & 4.1, ATOM 2.0, ATOM 3.0, VT-3.

The transmitter will also link to the following older models. Please note; these models will only allow 1 transmitter: DATATRANS and VT PRO.



Oceanic Transmitter Battery Kit


  • CR2 Battery
  • Battery Hatch O-Ring
  • Silicone Grease

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